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Homecare Medical Supplies sponsors NHI Awards

Homecare Medical Supplies, Ireland’s leading medical supply specialists, are this sponsoring the coveted Nursing Homes Ireland Care Awards which are due to take place in November.    The NHI Awards are the premier national celebration of the outstanding care being delivered in nursing homes in communities across Ireland. The prestigious event honours and recognises the people within the sector who are giving outstanding commitment in the delivery of exceptional care to older people and others in need of continuous care. 

  The purpose of the awards is to promote best practice within the nursing

Homecare Medical Supplies sponsors NHI Awards

Homecare Medical Supplies, Ireland’s leading medical supply specialists, are this sponsoring the coveted Nursing Homes Ireland Care Awards which are due to take place in November.    The NHI Awards are the premier national celebration of the outstanding care being delivered in nursing homes in communities across Ireland. The prestigious event honours and recognises the people within the sector who are giving outstanding commitment in the delivery of exceptional care to older people and others in need of continuous care. 

  The purpose of the awards is to promote best practice within the nursing home sector and pay tribute to individuals who demonstrate outstanding excellence and dedication within their field of work. Nursing Homes play a key role in meeting Irish people’s health and care requirements and over 20,000 people are employed in the private and voluntary nursing home sector. 

  Hundreds of people from the nursing home and healthcare sectors will gather for the third annual NHI Care Awards at Citywest Hotel, Dublin, on November 15th 2012. The 2012 event promises to build on the outstanding success of the 2010 and 2011 awards ceremonies. NHI was privileged to have President Mary McAleese as the guest of honour at the inaugural NHI Care Awards in 2010 and she provided an excellent compendium as to the purpose of the awards:

  “Tonight we are focussing on those whose special vocation is to the care of the 20,000 of our senior citizens who are now in residential care. They and their families rely on people like our nominees who create a ‘home from home’, a place where they are nurtured, safe, contented, respected, treated with dignity, where they can socialise, make friends, learn new skills, practice old talents and live life to the fullest in a trusted place among trusted people.” 

  The nine award categories reflect the diversity and many facets of nursing home life, recognising not only outstanding staff, but also resident contribution and how well the nursing home integrates into its local community. Awards recognise nurses, carers and ancillary workers who are going beyond the call of duty in providing excellent care. Others honour best practices in catering and nutrition, social and recreational activities, community innovation and initiative, and the contribution of a resident to their home. 

  Staff, residents, relatives, those who engage with the home and anyone else with a direct experience of a nursing home are all invited to nominate anyone they feel deserving of an award within a specific category. Nominating is easy, and you can do so by filling out the relevant form. 

  An independent judging panel, drawn from diverse backgrounds and differing fields, spend many hours and days assessing and adjudicating the entries before the winners are chosen. 

  The NHI Care Awards have been an outstanding success since they were first staged in 2010 and the feedback from nursing homes, residents and people with experiences of homes has been extremely positive. 

  The success of the event is reflected in the levels of interest in it. Last year’s awards saw over 200 nominations submitted from communities across Ireland for the nine award categories. Over 400 people attended the prestigious awards ceremony at the Citywest Hotel, Dublin on November 10th, which was fronted by RTE presenter Marty Whelan. Members of the public are becoming increasingly aware of the awards, and accounted for a significant number of the 2012 nominations. 

  In a short space of time, the NHI Care Awards have established themselves as leading awards in the healthcare sector and 2012 is set to build on the momentum of the previous two events. We encourage all in the nursing home sector and wider beyond to embrace this celebration of excellence in care. Join us in honouring and rewarding the outstanding care older persons and those in need of care are provided with by outstanding individuals in homes that enable people to live happy and fulfilling lives.

How can you live a long and happy life?

How can you reduce the effects of aging, live as long as you possibly can, and increase your happiness?

Many people believe that they have to undergo radical and time consuming therapies to find that all wonderful magical formula that will ensure them of a long and happy life. Well that is just not so. It is actually quite easy to maximize your life and lifestyle. It just takes a few little alterations and deletions from your current lifestyle to create a new and more sustainable you.

  Sometimes we as humans complicate uncomplicated issues. We make things seem more difficult to accomplish than they really are. Then when these goals seem too far from our reach, or too difficult to attain, we just give up. We sometimes forget that it is often the most wonderful things in life which are actually the easiest to obtain.

   Remember that sometimes changes in your life can alter who you are and when this occurs you may be required to set new attributes and goals for yourself. These challenges are all just a natural part of life. Push yourself to be the best that you can be but don’t push yourself too hard. Be content and confidant in the person that you are.

  Get an adequate amount of rest – There are reasons why your body needs the amount of sleep that it does. Rest is a form of therapy and most people require a minimum of eight hours per night. It is essential for your body to have an adequate amount of sleep for it to rejuvenate and heal from the days physical and emotional stresses.

  Exercise – Participating in a daily exercise program doesn’t have to be a chore. Exercise comes in many forms and choosing fitness methods that you enjoy increases your odds of succeeding in a healthier lifestyle plan. Exercise is vital to human health and exercising today can be the key to your later quality of life.

  Reduce your stress – We all know by now that a lot of stress is not good for us. Stress can cause weaken the immune system and leave you open to all kinds of future illnesses. So how do you learn to relax? When a person has gotten used to living a stressful lifestyle it can actually be very difficult to really truly allow your body to relax. It is very important to learn ways which can help you to relax. Then incorporate these stress relieving tactics into your lifestyle on a permanent basis.

  Laugh – You may have heard the saying that, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Well this is a fact, laughter is one of those things like smiling, that makes you feel good. Feeling good releases those wonderful endorphins, and that makes us happy, and happy makes us healthy!

  Love – Love with all your heart and soul. Giving and receiving love will give you a contentment in this lifetime that you cannot acquire through any other means. Many people envision love as a relationship between two individuals but there are just so many more ways to give and receive love. Love is food for the heart.

Caremark – quality care in your own home 

Contact Roscommon office to find out more on our services!

Caremark provide care and support for anyone who wishes to remain in their own home, regardless of their illness, disability or circumstances. 

  More and more people are requiring care and support – and choosing to receive it at home. Caremark provide all aspects of care and support, including personal care, domestic support and general companionship services. 

  Caremark is providing care in County Roscommon and the Midlands, supporting a wide variety of clients from all walks of life in the comfort of their own homes.

  All of their care and support workers are Garda-vetted, and receive full induction training prior to being introduced to their clients. 

  Their care and support workers can call to the home either once or several times a day, depending on the requirements of each individual client.

  Caremark provides a 24/7 out-of-hours rapid response service outside of business hours, every night and all weekend, in counties Roscommon, Longford and Westmeath. The foundation of the Caremark model has been built on experience, knowledge and honesty.

  With recent developments in elder care, it has been recognised that older people would much rather live at home independently, with the supports of assisted living.


Your questions answered

What is home care? 

Home care is when an individual needs support in everyday life, an individual who chooses to remain living independently in their own home. It is the preferred form of care, with 95% of older people aged 75 and over wanting to stay in their own residence as long as possible.


Why should you choose home care? 

We all enjoy the comfort of our own homes, with most people wanting to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Homecare is suitable to those who need assistance with daily activities. It is a comforting alternative to a premature admission to a long-term care facility.

What services can Caremark provide? 

The range of services is extremely broad, but includes support in getting up and going to bed, bathing, toileting, dressing and prompting of medication, meal preparation, shopping, domestic duties, such as making and changing bed linen, cleaning out the fire and collecting fuel.


Are the care-givers suitably vetted? 

All caregivers are directly employed and go through rigorous recruitment procedures, including formal interview, reference checks, professional and personal and garda vetting. 


Is home care regulated? 

Care in the home is soon to be regulated in Ireland. In the absence of a code of practice, Caremark adhere to UK regulations which are inspected regularly by the CQC (equivalent to HIQA) and is a registered member of the Home Care Association, Ireland.

 What about Insurance? 

Caremark are fully and appropriately insured which covers all staff and members.


Is the service flexible? 

The service is very flexible. As each individual’s needs are different, Caremark will help design your support plan around your own requirements and customary daily needs.

Is home care expensive? 

The flexibility of home care is you can tailor your homecare package to meet your needs and budget. Many people do not need full-time residential care and in comparison home care is much cheaper. Tax relief is also available to customers or their relatives. This means that you could receive tax relief for up to 41% of the cost of our service.

 Caremark helps you remain independent in your own home, with a choice of homecare services ranging from live in care to homecare for people with various disabilities, to companionship. Their friendly team of fully trained, Garda vetted care and support homecare workers will help you to continue to enjoy life to its fullest.

For further information regarding our services, contact Olga in the Roscommon office (at 19 Abbey Street, Roscommon) on 090-6628690 or 086-0254188 (fax: 090-66 28691). Also, contact or log on to

Best quality of care with Sonas

Now more than ever choosing a nursing home for oneself or a loved is a very important decision. Making long term care choices or a choice as to where to receive the best rehabilitative and post-operative care can be difficult. In order to guarantee that you are making the best choice Sonas Health Care invite you to visit any of their care centres at Clover hill Roscommon, Ballymahon Road , Athlone and Enniscrone Co Sligo. 

  Sonas Care Centres are Approved Care Settings for older people and offer a comprehensive package of care which enables residents to live full lives that reflect, as far as possible the lives they lived prior to moving in. Sonas Care Centres deliver personal centred models of care which are based on the rights and respect of older people and are focused on quality of life measures meaningful to individual residents.

  Sonas Care Centres now offer rehabilitation and post-acute care to individuals who have undergone surgical procedures or have experienced a CVA (Stroke). The Rehabilitation Services are delivered with the highest quality standard of physiotherapy, skilled nursing care and experienced health care staff. Optimum patient care is given in a comfortable and friendly environment. 

  The resident and his/her rights are the number one priority. The residenet’s rights are respected at all times, he/she will be treated with kindness, dignity and respect. The rehabilitation staff will develop and support a plan of care to foster the most comprehensive and effective individual care that has the greatest outcome for each resident. 

  Rehabilitation services at Sonas Care Centres are provided in response to a variety of physical needs of residents, regardless of disability, on a continuous basis as appropriate to the condition of the resident. The purpose of rehabilitative medicine is to treat disease, injury and disability by assessment, examination, and use of rehabilitative procedures, manipulations, massage, exercises, and physical agents, including, heat, cold, air, water, electricity and sound in the aid of diagnosis or treatment. The aim is to aid the resident in achieving their maximum potential within their capabilities; and to accelerate convalescence and reduce the length of functional recovery.

  Sonas Healthcare is deeply committed to ensuring that residents receive the necessary care that will enable them to reach and maintain their highest practicable level of physical, mental spiritual and social wellbeing. A comprehensive assessment of resident’s health, personal and social care needs is carried out and an individual plan of care is set out for each resident. A varied activities programme is provided to meet resident’s individual interests, preferences and abilities. An Activities Coordinator trained   

in the delivery of specialised activities for older people is part of the caring team at Sonas Care Centres.

   So if it is longterm care or short term rehabilitation you require Sonas Care Centres the best quaiity of individual care to meet your particular need. 

  For further information contact Sonas Care Centre, Cloverhill, Co. Roscommon, on 090-6628882 or email

Peace of mind with Classic Security Systems

You never know who is watching your property. As you read this, thieves may be paying close attention to your home or business, their prying eyes drawn towards any security weaknesses. You can’t stop thieves from looking, but with Classic Security Systems, you can make sure your property isn’t an easy target.

  When it comes to protecting your home and family, look no further than Classic Security Systems, who have been protecting and securing home and business owners for over 20 years.

  Providing the very best home security equipment and services within the region, Class Security Systems offer quality, reliability and peace of mind.

  Their team are highly experienced in all aspects of security systems and have the technical knowledge and talent to create a solution that will help keep your property and people safe.

  Offering solutions that will cater for any budget they can design, supply and maintain Intruder Alarm Systems to protect you and your loves ones at all times.

  It’s never been easier to protect your property from burglars and intruders. For a free quotations today, contact Niall at Classic Security Systems on 087-2287100.

St Joseph’s Hospital Garden Hill is delighted to announce that Mr Nicholas Hegarty Consultant 

Urologist – F.R.C.S.I, F.R.C.S (UROL) PhD has recently been granted admitting and operating privileges at the Hospital.

Mark Towey Chief, Executive Officer of St. Joseph’s Garden Hill, outlined that: “Mr Hegarty is an internationally trained urologist having trained in Ireland he graduated in University College Cork. He completed the Western Pre-fellowship Training Scheme in Surgery, working in Sligo General Hospital and University College Hospital Galway. He completed a PhD in University College Dublin”. 

  Following his training Mr Hegarty spent two fellowship years in the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. He was appointed Consultant Urologist in Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals, London in 2006. 

  In 2011 Mr Hegarty returned to Ireland to take up a Consultant Urologist post in the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin where he currently practices. 

  Mr Towey explained that: “Services that will be provided at St. Joseph’s Hospital by Mr Hegarty include comprehensive outpatient evaluation of key urological symptoms.

  Treatments that will be available at St Joseph’s Hospital include flexible and rigid cystoscopy and surgery. More complex treatments and/or surgeries will be performed in Dublin and all cancers diagnosed will be referred for discussion at the multidisciplinary team meetings”.

  Letters of referral or further information for Mr Hegarty can be got by contacting the hospital on 071-9190368, Fax 071-9190396 or email

Abbey Haven Care Centre scheduled to open in September

Ideally situated on the Carrick Road, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, in a peaceful setting with panoramic views of the countryside and within walking distance of local amenities in Boyle town, the new Abbey Haven Care Centre and Nursing Home will open its doors in September.

  Abbey Haven is a state-of-the-art 60 bed care facility  consisting of a variety of single, double rooms and family rooms and a dedicated Dementia unit, an internal courtyard and secure garden areas that promote independence,  enablement and quality of life.

  Abbey Haven provides a variety of luxurious and peaceful rooms with a variety of day rooms and dinning areas in a secure environment and is specifically designed to meet our residents’ daily needs.

   This care facility was constructed by Mulryan Construction  Ltd, Grallaghmore, Boyle, led by Danny and Stephen  Mulryan and a team of dedicated subcontractors and construction tradesman.

  Danny and Breege Mulryan will now manage the care facility with a professional healthcare care team led by Ann-Marie Conboy as Director of Nursing .

  Abbey Haven aims is to provide professional care in creating a safe and comfortable homily environment for all their residents.

  For further information contact 071-9670111 or email

County Roscommon Pilot Social Car Scheme 

The Roscommon Social Car Pilot Scheme is operational currently in two areas of the county; the area broadly outlined as the Frenchpark to Ballaghaderreen rural catchment area in the north west of the county and the second pilot operational in the Parish of Kilronan in the north of the county.

  The Pilot Social Car Scheme is an organised form of transport where volunteer drivers give their time and use their own vehicles to provide a designated transport service in the pilot areas.

  The scheme currently operates as a demand responsive, flexible service aimed at people with disabilities, senior members (over 65years) of the community and holders of a free travel pass experiencing difficulty sourcing rural, public or private forms of transport to access pre-arranged non-emergency medical appointments e.g. doctors clinics, hospital appointments and any other non-ambulance/non-emergency HSE service. Volunteer drivers collect Service Users and deliver them to the relevant HSE facilities in the county or to the nearest public transport for HSE services outside the county (exceptions apply) and return the Service Users to their home.

  The service also facilitates the collection of medical prescriptions. Physically disabled service users requiring suitably adapted transport are facilitated by the St Asicus centre bus and the Darreen RSG Service.

  The current service empowers the most vulnerable people in our society i.e. predominantly people with a disability and people over 65years of age who are experiencing difficulty sourcing transport to non-emergency, prearranged HSE appointments in County Roscommon.

  The initiative is a huge benefit to the families and carers of the service users as the service addresses the transport needs for HSE appointments of their family member/care charge where, very often, concerns around getting to the HSE appointment can be a major worry for some people and a cause of illness associated with anxiety and perceived lack of independence

  The scheme is currently in a fundraising situation and the team are having a Family Fun Day on Saturday July 7th at 2 pm in Arigna to raise much needed funds. 

First-class standards at Tearmainn Bhride

Tearmainn Bhride is a family-run Nursing Home and Retirement Village which was established in 1997. Situated in Brideswell, near Athlone and Roscommon, the premises continues to provide first-class standards of care in a warm and homely environment.

  Staff at Tearmainn Bhride respect the dignity and unique worth of each resident, fostering a holistic approach in all aspects of care. They are committed to promoting the independence of all residents –personally, medically, psychologically, socially and spiritually, enhancing the quality of their lives to the fullest extent possible.

  Acknowledging that the decision to move into long-term care can be a stressful one, Tearmainn Bhride Nursing Home want to make your transition as smooth as possible. Their Director of Nursing will be happy to meet with you and your family to give you a tour of the building and discuss any personal needs you may have.

  The Retirement Village is an attractive development of modern homes specifically designed and built to meet the needs of retired residents. Your neighbours at the village will be like-minded people of a similar age, creating plenty of opportunity for making new friends in a welcoming and close-knit community.

  Their facilities allow residents to lead a completely active and independent lifestyle with all the comforts of modern living in a secure and friendly environment, with the added advantage of many leisure and social amenities to enhance the community environment and quality of life.

  For further enquiries or more information, contact Tearmainn Nursing Home on 090-6488400, email or log onto

RHS Home Services: A HSE

Preferred Provider Of Home Care In Roscommon, Galway and Mayo

Did you know that affordable home care is only a local phone call away?

  Founded in 1996 as Roscommon Home Services, RHS Home Services is a not for profit co-op which aims to meet the growing need for social care in our communities across the west, northwest and midlands.

  As a not for profit community organisation, they provide a high quality, affordable service that allows clients to be cared for in their own homes.

  For this reason, RHS Home Services is now a preferred provider of homecare for the HSE right across the region. Over 500 of their carers provide the highest quality care to 800 clients in their own homes.

  As a community driven enterprise, RHS Home Services strives to deliver an essential service and create employment opportunities across the region.

  Operating as a client owned co-op, RHS Home Services cannot be beaten on cost or quality of care.

  They have a pool of highly skilled, certified carers who provide a range of services including social care, care of the elderly, house management and garden maintenance.

  Clients receive a quality, flexible service while our carers gain access to full or part time employment. We are recruiting on an ongoing basis.

  Carers are matched to individual clients by a dedicated Social Care Co-ordinator. They carry out constant employee reviews to ensure that our carers deliver top quality care. They also undertake constant home reviews of our care by our Social Care Co-ordinators to ensure our quality of care is maintaine.

What their clients say: ‘Excellent Service …well done, you help so many families and your work is greatly appreciated. ‘Delighted with the service provided ….the carers are very hard working and friendly.’

  RHS Home Services provides a round the clock service with carers available for as long or as little as you need. All employees are subject to extensive background checks and Garda clearance. 

  Paying for social care can be a financial worry but our clients can claim up to 41% income tax relief on the cost of our service.

  RHS Home Services is committed to meeting your care needs and generating employment in your community. 

  For more information please contact RHS Home Services Head Office, Celtic Avenue, Roscommon 090-6625988; RHS Home Services Oranmore Business Park, Co. Galway on 091-388785; RHS Home Services Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo on 094-93 82156. Alternatively, you can log onto

Fun activities for the Elderly

Fun activities for the elderly provide them with peace of mind and recreation after working hard for several years during their professional life. Here are the Roscommon People’s recommendations for recreational activities for the elderly.

 Doing Artistic Work – Painting, drawing, sculpture, music, singing are some examples of art. Art is something which can be called an inherited talent. A person never forgets a particular art known to him, even if he grows old. Art remains with the person throughout his life. An art can refresh our mind and drive away the feelings of sorrow, anger, anxiety, guilt and depression.

  Reading Books – Reading is one of the best hobbies to pursue because it not only updates our knowledge on the latest happenings, but also increases the depth of our knowledge. Reading novels, fiction, poems and even the daily newspapers is a great way of keeping oneself engaged in the old age.

  Bird Watching – Bird watching is definitely in the list of the top five ideas for elderly fun activities. Many senior citizens, who are avid bird watchers, form a group and visit exotic locations for bird watching. The hobby is a lot of fun and also helps to discover various facts about nature which were unknown to us for most of our lives. It provides both-entertainment and learning.

  Collecting – Many people have this interesting hobby of collecting materials, which belong to ancient times or which are of a great historic importance. These materials may include ancient coins, household items used by famous personalities, books, stamps, etc. If the collection is good enough, then one can think about displaying the precious items in an exhibition.

  Gardening – Gardening requires a lot of space, money, time and hard work. Elderly people who have these things should definitely think of starting their own garden. A beautiful garden having a perfect blend of perennial and annual flowers will earn you a lot of praise. It indeed feels good to be praised by someone for our work in the old age.

  Some interesting activities which the senior citizens can indulge in after their retirement include dancing, joining an entertainment club, bingo, bridge, photography and scrap-booking.

Issue dated: 29 June 2012
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