Campaigners claim ‘900 Roscommon lives saved’



The LoveBoth Project’s nationwide ‘Lives Saved’ information tour arrived in Roscommon recently. 

  The ‘Lives Saved’ roadshow is visiting towns and cities around the country between now and the summer, making their case for keeping the 8th Amendment.

  A spokesperson for the LoveBoth Project, Katie Ascough, said: “According to an independent study carried out in 2016, 100,000 people are alive in Ireland today thanks to the 8th Amendment.  

  “When that figure is broken down, you find that 900 people in Roscommon have been saved by the 8th. These people, and their families, were the focus of our event.

  “Our campaign features many personal stories of women who faced a crisis pregnancy and whose babies owe their life to the 8th Amendment.

  “Thousands of people are alive today because their mothers made a choice to continue with a crisis pregnancy. It was a choice that did not hurt either the mother or the baby. It was a choice that, truly, they could both live with for the rest of their lives”.

  The public will have their say, in a referendum, later this year.