Calls for younger farmers to plough on!

Roscommon Ploughing Association Chairperson, Mary Conry-Candler, says farming has come a long way in recent years and welcomed the fact that more and more women are now taking leading roles in agriculture.

  “We have women ploughing now which is great. Women have always been involved in farming, of course. They were doing most of the milking and putting the brown bread on the table and getting the children out the door with himself swanned about at the marts…sure the women didn’t have the time to be doing that!”

  Mary is a farmer herself and has been at the forefront of the local agricultural scene.

  “I was IFA Chairperson for Roscommon…I think the only female one so far too,” she said.

  “Sadly, when my father died I had to throw my hat into the ring. At times it was difficult because you it was a male-dominated world…but I got over that and now I’ll rock up anywhere!”

  While the increasing number of female farmers is most welcome, Mary says there is a need for younger people to come onboard in Roscommon.

  “We would be calling on younger people to get involved…there are some great lads and lassies out there involved in farming in Roscommon. The trouble is that traditional events such as the Loy and vintage ploughing is going to die out if younger people carry it on. I would encourage people to come out to the Ploughing on Sunday, April 3rd and see how it’s done,” she said.

  With new recruits and the future of the county ploughing in mind, a Novice Ploughing competition will take place on the Lamberts’ land in Rockfield on Saturday, April 2nd. Mary says it begins at 12 noon and all are welcome to come and take part.