Call for action over flooding in south Roscommon

A councillor has called for an assessment to be carried out to see why Lough Fushineagh continues to cause flooding problems in south Roscommon.

  The vast majority of the county’s water levels have now receded after the extensive rain of December and January, but the lake, which encompasses Rahara, Curraghboy and St John’s, remains problematic.

  “It’s a turlough lake, so there are drains into it, but there are no drains out of it,” Cllr. Laurence Fallon said.  “It is at least well over a metre higher now than it has ever been recorded before. There is growing concern, with one house under severe threat and a number of other houses and farmyards coming under threat.”

  He said that the level of the lake was continuing to rise.

  “Every time we get a bit of rain, it comes up by half an inch, and there is absolute concern to see why this is happening,” Cllr. Fallon said.

  Roscommon County Council had done exceptionally well in protecting houses from being flooded, he said, but added that more action was required.

  “I am calling on them to do an assessment with divers to see if there is anything blocking the outlet because there is a problem of some sort,” Cllr. Fallon said.

  “The general opinion is that it is something more than the actual rain that fell, that there must be some interference with the exit pipe.”

  Cllr. Fallon said that there was a possibility that silt or plastic was blocking the exit pipe, exacerbating the flooding problem.

  “The other thing I have asked the council to do is an assessment of land levels to what the options are, so as that we find an emergency escape route when the water gets to a very high level,” he said.