Businesses in town count cost of floods

At least one business in Roscommon town suffered disastrous consequences in last weekend’s flooding, with a very high amount of damage caused. 

  Storm Desmond affected many outlets on the Golf Links Road as rain bucketed down last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in particular.

  Perhaps the worst-hit company in the county town, however, was Garvey’s Builders’ Merchants on the Lanesboro Road.

  Marion Cunningham, the manager, said that they closed last Saturday in the hope of averting damage, but it was to no avail.

  “All of our showrooms were completely damaged,” she said. “It was a disaster. Everything was just destroyed.”

  The business was also hit in the flood six years ago.

  “We did our best to fight it because we were flooded already in 2009,” said Ms Cunningham. “We thought this time we got it in time.

  “That’s why we closed on Saturday. We had tractors in pumping the water from the car park, and pumping water from the shop.

  “We really thought we would hold it but, at 4 am (on Sunday), it gave way and we couldn’t hold it any longer.

  “We had just finished all of our showrooms. Everyone of them was just destroyed – all the shop stock, such as decorations and fire accessories.”

  She said that heaters and boilers were also damaged. “We have no heating here at the moment,” Marion said on Tuesday evening.

  McNulty’s Furniture on the Golf Links Road was also forced to close its doors temporarily, though it plans to reopen this weekend.

  “The shop was devastated,” said Gerry McNulty, the owner. “It (the water) came in one door and out the other. But very little of the stock was damaged because we moved it all upstairs.”

  By Tuesday, however, the water level was subsiding and it appeared that Christmas shopping was about to resume as normal in the county town.