Business as usual for Tidy Towns Committee

The results of the first round of the IBAL survey were revealed on Monday and on Tuesday it was business as usual for members of Roscommon Tidy Towns Committee, as they spent an hour and a half cleaning up a green area in Abbeytown. While the Tidy Towns Committee is disappointed with the IBAL survey results, its sole focus is on the Tidy Towns Competition, while the IBAL is local authority-led. ‘The IBAL is County Council driven, not Tidy Towns initiated. Five years ago the council entered Roscommon and invited Roscommon Tidy Towns and the Chamber of Commerce to come on board and all work together to get Roscommon Town clean,’ said Kathleen Shanager of Roscommon Tidy Towns Committee. That IBAL committee has not met in the past year. ‘I’d like to know what the Council is going to do about it, because it’s not for us to anything. The Tidy Towns committee are more interested in their Tidy Towns Competition which is on-going for three months, June, July and August. Litter is a percentage of that, but it also involves landscaping, shop fronts, painting of houses. We are more concerned about our competition, which is on-going for the next three months. Of course we are very disappointed. For us to be labelled on national media, portraying Roscommon as very dirty, when it is not that bad.’  Ms. Shanagher also pointed out that Roscommon County Council needs to tackle the problem of derelict sites. ‘Business people or landlords with rented properties here, they should take responsibility for their property. Absentee landlords never see their properties and we have to suffer the consequences.’