Upbeat Burke confident on league prospects

Davy Burke mixed frustration with positivity when he spoke to the media after Saturday’s defeat to Dublin in Croke Park, with the Roscommon manager bemoaning how some of the key decisions went against his team during the game.

Burke said that Roscommon should have been awarded a goal when Daire Cregg’s fisted effort ended up in the Dublin net in the 18th minute.

“It should have been a goal. In fairness to Sean (Hurson, the referee) he can’t see it. He is 50 yards away from it. But the two umpires are right there. We are in Division One and a good goal that we scored against Tyrone wasn’t given either, on the word of two umpires. We are not getting any breaks at the moment. It’s tough going”.

Despite the seven-point loss to the All-Ireland champions, the Roscommon manager is convinced that his side can stay in the top division.

“Oh absolutely, we can stay up. We are not far off at all. I thought we looked far more dangerous today and we played a lot of the football. We are coming together nicely.

“I could bore you with lots of excuses but we haven’t had our full squad together once this year yet. But we will be training hard and we will get it together.

“This time last year we were top of Division One and then we were knocked out of the championship by two Division Two teams. So maybe we can do it the other way around this year”.

Burke says that Roscommon were simply not clinical enough in front of goal on the day.

“We had a great chance there in the second half and we were just not ruthless enough, simple as that. But our biggest problem today was a lack of cohesion. That’s simply because we haven’t trained together. We have had to dig deep into our reserves but when we have all our best players we are as good as anyone else”.

The manager finished on an upbeat note. “We need our best players back. Ben O’Carroll, Tadhg O’Rourke, Ronan Daly and Ultan Harney will all be back. Niall Daly was another big loss to us tonight. When we get all those players back we will be fine” he concluded.