Bulgaria bulges with opportunities

Looking for an investment opportunity in foreign climes but feel that markets like Spain, Budapest, and Prague have seen their best days? Then, look no further than Bulgaria. Having shaken off its Communist past, the country has openly embraced democracy and has developed a thriving market economy. Bulgaria is primed to be the next big target amongst foreign property buyers. With double-digit growth expected to continue for the foreseeable future (2005 saw a 28% rise — source: Bulgarian Real Estate Market Index), its growing popularity amongst investors is understandable. Sofia, the capital, is now undergoing a complete economic transformation. It has become the main investment destination for an ever-growing number of foreign multinationals and diplomats arriving into Bulgaria. Luckily, this transformation is still in its infancy — so there remain ample investment opportunities. Bulgaria has a temperate climate, with winters similar to our own and hot dry summers. The coastline along the Black Sea, with its long golden beaches, has not seen the sort of development that countries such as Spain and Portugal have experienced. Slowly, this is starting to change and the best example of this is Sunny Beach. This resort is extremely popular with western tourists and has all the amenities one would associate with a top-class holiday destination. Year-on-year, the number of tourists to this resort has increased, and it is proving equally popular amongst investors.  For the investor, Bulgaria has numerous factors in its favour. Membership to NATO in early 2004 and accession in 2007 illustrate how the country is embracing the future and has developed a stable economy in doing so. The local currency is the Lev and as this is tied to the Euro, further strengthening investor confidence. For more information on acquiring top-quality property in Bulgaria, contact Gerry Ronan at Liberty Overseas Properties, Bekan, Claremorris, tel (094) 93 80900, (086) 8318621.