Building workers targeted in pensions campaign

Roscommon construction workers are the target of an ad campaign currently being run by the Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme (CWPS). ‘Building workers have a legal entitlement to be covered for pension, sick pay and death in service benefit,’ pointed out Oliver Haslette, Chairman of the Trustees, Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme. ‘Being a member of the CWPS is much more than organising a pension for the future it also ensures that you are covered for valuable benefits in the event of sickness or death.’   He pointed out that those Roscommon residents who are or were part of the scheme should have received a benefits statement during 2007. ‘We are asking those who have not, or who are not sure, to contact us.’ The CWPS is mounting a radio and press campaign in Roscommon to alert building workers and their families to the issue. In excess of 188,700 benefits statements were issued during 2007 but building workers tend to be on the move and the CWPS is keen to ensure that membership details are up to date. The benefits statement shows the current value of a pension, the pension’s estimated value on retirement, confirmation of the contributions made by the employee and employer and membership details in the event of a need to claim sick pay or families seek to claim death benefit. The Construction Workers’ Pensions Scheme is rated as one of the best in the country in terms of cost and benefits. It is the largest private pension scheme in Ireland with assets of over €1 billion. Those who want to check their position or seek information on how to join should contact the CWPS at: 1850 940 221, email or visit .