Bug alert issued at Portiuncula Hospital

A number of suspected cases of gastrointestinal illness (winter vomiting bug formerly known as SRSV) have occurred in Portiuncula Hospital. As a precautionary measure one ward has been closed to further admissions.  The illness may be due to a viral infection.    An Outbreak Control Committee has been formed and Hospital Management and Staff have put in place measures to reduce in so far as possible risk of the virus spreading to other patients and to other areas/departments within Portiuncula Hospital.    Management and staff at the hospital are requesting the co-operation of the general public in preventing the spread of this infection. Guidelines have accordingly been issued:    * Visitors are encouraged not to visit the hospital unless it is essential and where it is essential, visitor numbers should be kept to a minimum.   * Visitors should not visit the hospital unless it is really necessary or visit other people in the Hospital or unnecessarily call to other parts of the Hospital.   * Visitors who themselves may be unwell or have vomiting or diarrhoea should not visit the Hospital.  Very young children or those with some other serious illness should avoid visiting the hospital, as they may be particularly susceptible to the virus.   * Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the inpatient area or after a visit to the toilet.    * Members of the public with symptoms of viral gastroenteritis should not present in the Emergency Department but should contact their GP.