Bring on Connacht final build-up!


When it comes to Gaelic football, I am the first to admit that I believe that the backdoor system has robbed the provincial championships of the real edge that knockout matches used to bring. I am very happy to say that Sunday’s game in Salthill between Galway and Mayo had an edge to it, one that I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a full-blooded, fully committed encounter and, as a Galway man, while it was great to win it, I will say there can be little doubt that we had a huge share of luck.

  Mayo played with fourteen men for most of the game after Keith Higgins was sent off, but even though they were numerically inferior they probably should have won the game. They will still play a big part in the destination of this year’s Sam Maguire.

  As for Galway, it was a good win but realists will know they have a lot of work to do and the Rossies, should they get past Leitrim on Sunday, will relish the prospect of taking on the Tribesmen in the Connacht final on July 9th.

  We had outrageous craic in our border village last year with both Galway/Roscommon games and I can’t wait for something similar this time round as the Gerry Keegan-led Rossies look for revenge. It will be some month!

Lip sync fever to hit Creggs

Next Saturday night sees one of the most talked about events for many years taking place in the school hall when the eagerly-awaited lip sync concert, featuring some of the best-known people in the parish, including personality of the year, Tom Connolly; D.J. Bobby; former ‘Karaoke Queen’, Dympna Hurley; local TD, Michael Fitzmaurice and several more luminaries (nearly wrote lunatics) will raise funds for the Sunshine Room in Creggs National School.

  The Sunshine Room is an extraordinary achievement for a small rural village and deserves any support it can get, so this time no excuses, be at the school on Saturday night for 9 pm. From what I’ve seen in rehearsals, it will be woeful (Ed – wonderful?) entertainment.

  Jacinta Hanley and I will be giving Kenny and Dolly’s ‘Islands in the Stream’ the once over, and thanks to John Corcoran’s menswear, I will definitely win the ‘best turned out horse’ prize in my splendid tux.

* Staying on local issues, and the funds from this year’s Barrie Harris Walk were distributed among several worthy charities in Mikeen’s on Saturday and just over €12,000 was handed over. See my report and Andrew Fox’s photogaphs elsewhere in Weekend People.

Time to get real about childhood obesity!

It’s a strange Tuesday morning for me as, while Tuesday has always been my day off, it’s now one of three, as I’ve gone back to a three-day working week. After having yesterday (Monday) off as well, it feels like I’ve had a long bank holiday weekend. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it takes some getting used to!

  Anyway, I’m up early and with no work, I find myself parked in front of the telly at 8.30 am. I’m watching the Lions losing to the Highlanders in New Zealand by a solitary point. Of course we support the Lions as a single unit, but it’s only natural to look out for our own. Although looking at the Irish players in action I don’t think too many of them improved their chances of making the test team. Athlone’s Robbie Henshaw was probably the pick of the Irish but even he is facing an uphill battle to claim a test place.  I have to admit, it was strange watching TV at that hour and I don’t think it will become a regular habit.

  I usually buy a daily newspaper so as soon as the game was over I hit Mikeen’s (shop, not pub – for a change!) and got myself a Daily Mail. There was a headline that claimed two-thirds of Irish adults are either overweight or obese. Now as a long-time member of both clubs, it is easy to regard these facts as a bit of a joke. In fairness, at my age, I will hardly change my habits, but nevertheless the extra weight contributes to heart disease and diabetes, both of which feature prominently on my health CV.

  As I say, I might be past redemption, but very worryingly, more than a quarter of girls aged between 5 and 9 years of age are overweight. Surely parents, teachers, youth club leaders, politicians and everyone else should be trying to do something about those startling statistics. Great care should be taken to steer these kids, who are the future of the country, onto healthy and wholesome diets.

  Meanwhile, 22% of boys in that age group are overweight as well, so there is an enormous problem facing our young children and action must be taken.

  As for me, it’s time to put down the pan and have a belated Tuesday morning breakfast of rashers, sausages, eggs and a few slices of Kelly’s white pudding – maybe not what the doctor (the dietician, nutritionist, or fitness instructor) ordered, but exactly what’s required to kick-start my day.

‘Till next week, Bye for now!