Brennan raises concerns over ‘dangerous junctions’

A local election candidate has pledged to ensure safety issues relating to three “dangerous” junctions are urgently addressed if he is elected to Roscommon County Council next month.

Fianna Fáil candidate Larry Brennan, a well-known community figure over many years, says issues to do with road safety are regularly being raised with him on his canvass of the Roscommon Municipal District.

“I’ve been really warmly received on the doorsteps, and am very grateful to people for their courtesy and indeed their pledges of support” Mr Brennan said this week.

“While people are raising a variety of topics, a common concern is on road safety issues. In particular, three junctions that people consider to be dangerous have been brought to my attention.

“I’ve looked in detail at the junctions in question and it is clear that they need to be improved from a safety point of view. I don’t believe the required expenditure would be substantial and I think it is essential that these works are carried out.

“The three junctions in question are Cloonsellan Cross (KIlteevan), which can be dangerous for motorists, particularly those approaching from the Portrun direction; the junction near Hannon’s Hotel, particularly for motorists coming from the Golf Club side and wishing to turn right for Athlone; and finally, the junction at Bogganfin, for motorists trying to join traffic travelling towards Athlone. Many local residents consider these to be dangerous junctions at the moment due mainly to poor sight lines”.

Mr Brennan said that if elected to Roscommon County Council next month he will make it a priority to make the case for immediate steps to be taken to address the safety concerns at these junctions.