Brennan pledges to address road safety concerns in Lisnamult

Fianna Fáil election candidate Larry Brennan has pledged to address road safety concerns in the Lisnamult area if he is elected to Roscommon County Council next month.

Mr Brennan has this week highlighted residents’ concerns over traffic density and instances of speeding in the Lisnamult area of Roscommon Town.

Speaking following a recent meeting with Lisnamult residents, Mr Brennan said that the area is experiencing increased volumes of traffic as a result of the ongoing development and popularity of a range of sporting facilities in the area.

“These are really excellent sporting facilities” the candidate said, referencing the Roscommon Gaels’ grounds and the Community Sports Park. “However, residents have expressed concerns about the traffic density in the area and some instances of speeding.

“The concerns of residents are all to do with the safety of pedestrians and motorists. If elected to Roscommon County Council, I will urgently work to address their concerns.

“Indeed the possibility of a relief road… to access the sporting facilities… could perhaps be considered. It is important that the views of the residents of Lisnamult are taken on board and acted upon”.

In a press statement, Mr Brennan added that another big issue highlighted on his election canvass is the need for a footpath and lighting between Hannon’s Hotel and Roscommon Golf Club.

“This still hasn’t been addressed” he said, adding that the popular walking route is currently “dangerous” and that this project needs urgent attention. He pledged to work towards that end if elected to Roscommon County Council.

Mr Brennan also pledged to lobby on behalf of residents of Ballinagard Road, where he said road surface conditions are inadequate.

“New footpaths need to be provided and I am committed to pursuing this with urgency”.