Breheny now sets sights on title

The Sligo team manager Tommy Breheny was understandably thrilled with Sligo’s win. With beads of sweat on his brow and with Sligo fans shaking his hand and slapping him on the back he spoke to me on the Hyde Park pitch straight after the game.   ‘We were very confident all week that we could come here and win. We knew that it wouldn’t be straightforward and that we would have bad spells in the game and that’s the way it went today. We were hit with two sucker punches (the two Roscommon goals) at terrible times but we showed the correct attitude and we knew we would be able to weather the storm.   ‘We knew that Roscommon would get a lot of players behind the ball so we told our players to have a go from out the field and while we had a few wides we scored some great long-range points and that was difference in the end.   ‘However it was a worry that we took so long to win the game as we had Roscommon on the ropes and we couldn’t kill them off.   ‘We are really looking forward to the Connacht final now. We set this (Connacht final appearance) as a target early in the year and we are there now. There are a lot of Sligo players who are coming towards the end of their careers and it would be great  for them to win a Connacht medal. You would never know. This might be our year’ he concluded.