Breda and ‘moving statue’ to visit!

Breda Larkin is bringing her latest show to the Roscommon Arts Centre next Saturday afternoon (27th). The show, titled ‘Breda’s Way’, is based on her journey around Ireland with the Virgin Mary – or a statue of Our Lady anyway!

  The show is a bit different and a new venture for the Roscommon Arts Centre and will include lunch. Ballinasloe native Breda spoke to Dan Dooner ahead of her very first appearance at the Arts Centre.


Hi Breda, tell me a bit about ‘Breda’s Way’ first of all…

Well I did a tour of Ireland as a comedian and so I’d pick towns in every county I wanted to visit. So every two days I’d go and I had the campervan and I went along until the van broke down really…I made about 14 places in the end. I discovered little stories on the trip so the show is really story-telling about the discoveries I made on the way. So it starts in Ballinspittle and the moving statues there so I was inspired by that…it’s kind of like I’m trying to find enlightenment in some way and finding what to do with my life. The comedy part is me failing!

  People have described the show as a kind of ‘techy tour of Ireland’. I’ve projectors in the background and it’s also live and I have some songs too. It’s sort of piecing together my own questions of spirituality so it’s very Irish with hints towards our culture and farming and rural Ireland.

And Mary is with you of course…

It’s a fast-moving show; I’m in the van and on the road and Mary’s there as well! She’s a moving statue and we go on a trip around Ireland together and discover things together and we have chats about life and that.

How long have you been performing this particular show?

This is probably my 20th time because I’ve done different runs in Cork Arts Theatre but this is my first real time going out with it. I did it at Fringe in 2015 but it was still in its ‘incubatory phase’. I’m kind of sure of it now and I know exactly where it’s going. I would like to go around Ireland with it because it is quite rural, and I am from the countryside myself. I’d like to bring it to the country people, you know.

What can the audience expect on Saturday afternoon?

I think my show, people have an attraction to it because there is quite a bit of nostalgia, Mary Robinson features in the show and stuff like that. I do like to connect with my father and mother’s generation and I do like to think I bridge that gap between generations.

  I like the idea of putting on a theatre show that is a little different, a bit of a mixed bag so you can get a little taste of everything that’s in it. So it’s not so much going to see a play where it’s all just acting. I can break the fourth wall and chat to the audience directly…I hope people do get something out of it that they feel inspired to live their dream maybe or something like that.

So they’re getting an action-packed show by the sounds of it?

Yeah! I think it’s a nice way to spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a nice way for people who maybe don’t go to the theatre a lot to come in and see what kind of new shows are out there. Theatre is changing a bit, people have an idea that theatre is just old Shakespeare rehashed over and over but it’s not really.


*‘Breda’s Way’ at Roscommon Arts Centre next Saturday (27th) at 1.10 pm with tickets priced at €10/€15 with lunch. Booking available on 090-06625824.