Bread, butter and the Irish language!




“Shall we bake bread together and churn some butter, and talk about things that really matter?” asks Manchán Magan, the presenter of the 70-minute bilingual show, Arán & Im, which explores what makes Irish so unique and potent. Arán & Im comes to Roscommon Arts Centre on Friday, July 5th at 8 pm.

  Arán & Im celebrates the Irish language in an engaging, accessible bilingual way, through sourdough bread and home-churned butter. It is a theatrical performance in which Manchán Magan bakes bread for 70 minutes while offering insights into the wonders of the Irish language – exploring potent words of landscape, terms of intuition and insight, and the many phrases that bring to life the mysterious glory of our natural world.

  The show is a celebration of language, land and local Irish food, with freshly-baked traditional sourdough bread for the audience to slice and spread with butter they churn themselves from Irish cream.

  The show is written and presented by Manchán, who is a writer, broadcaster, playwright and documentary-maker.

  Capacity is limited for this unique performance so pre-booking is essential.

Tickets are €15 and are available now from the arts centre box office on