Brand Beyoncé is lookin’ so crazy right now!

It appears born-again political activist, feminist and diva… she says so herself over forty times in her song…’Diva; I’m a diva, hey I’m a diva…’ you get my drift, Beyoncé (Mrs Carter) has decided to let the muzack do the talkin’!

  And so, whatever your interest in the singer, (mine is mild), it seems that once an artiste manages to reach the dizzying heights of fame, and has a bone to pick with someone, (hubby?), rather than settle the gripe in private, they feel the best way to dish the dirt is through the very public medium of song.

            Therefore, unless you were living under a rock, you’ll know that last week, the flawless perfection that is Queen Bey ‘dropped’ her latest album Lemonade and, in doing so, took her autobiographical impulses to another level, airing her dirty laundry (once again; more inflammatory this time) to the masses; (well on HBO and Tidal). Yep, Mrs Carter has hinted that nothing-to-write-home-about hubby Jay Z was cheatin’ with some floosy she referred to as ‘Becky with the good hair.’  Wow…what a massive marketing ploy; sell an album and out a two-timing creep – allegedly!

  Now at this stage, superfans of Queen Bey (The Beyhive) accused poor aul Rita Ora of being this so-called ‘Becky with the good hair,’ something which Ora has strenuously denied; despite the fact the big eejit made herself a target by posting a scantily-clad social media image wearing a lacy bra embossed with lemon motifs and a pendant with the letter ‘J’ around her neck!

  However, ‘cos I’m down with da kids… (and ‘cos there’s nothin’ good about Rita’s hair), I can tell you the phrase ‘Becky with the good hair’ is a political statement, a slang hip hop term that’s been around for decades referring to a generic white woman, originating with rapper and producer Sir Mix-a-Lot through his classic ‘Baby got Back,’ where he characterised the stereotypical ‘white’ woman as Becky! So, there ya go, mystery solved, Becky could be anyone. In fact, I’ve got good hair; she could even be me. Je suis Becky! 

  But would ya give me a break…sure who in their right mind would go creeping with Mr Carter aka Jay Z; I mean, he kind of resembles the title of his own 2001 ‘dis song’ ‘Supa Ugly’ where he slagged music heavyweight Nas for being, well, ugly! Er, kettle calling the pot black? Jay Z should look in the mirror and realise he’s punching above his weight with his wife; who is, given the hype around Lemonade, either his new arch-rival or his massive money-making collaborator!

  On the other hand…and I’m playing Devil’s advocate here, why would Beyoncé, a self-proclaimed independent woman, constantly peddling powerful feminist messages through her music yet perpetuating pathetic weakness by whinging about hubby’s alleged infidelity for years now, stay married to him?

  Seriously love, if he’s cheating, don’t put up with it, stand up for yourself, for your daughter and for those who buy your albums, and walk away because if you want to ‘Run the World,’ start by sorting out your own house first, that’d be a much more powerful and positive message to send to scorned and abused women. You see, high-fiving yourself following a public evisceration of your relationship while at the same time managing to maintain a career out of playing the  punters and being coy regarding what or whom is really behind those provocative lyrics is just plain un-cool and childish.

First impressions of First Dates

Like a lot of tripe on RTE, (The Ray D’Arcy Show being an example), ‘First Dates’ is cheap, throwaway, car crash telly, yet, due to not having a spot on the wall to stare at last Thursday I tuned in…and d’ya know wha? I predict this ‘observational docu’ as we say in the business, is going to be a slow burner with a potential to take off. 

  And so, when irritating Dubliner Gemma realised she’d previously dated the man with short-term memory loss who drank through a straw – the equally irritating Mark, who found her so memorable, he forgot her, asking the poor woman, “Did it go wrong when we met?” – I shouted, what do you think Dufus, you’ve totally blanked her, so I’d say yeah; defo a pairing destined for disaster!

  Next up was pretty boy player Kias who asked bewildered Ciara how many dates it would take before she’d have sex with someone, leading me to advise Ciara to date the hot barman and Kias to seek counselling for his obsession with himself and his glow-in-the-dark teeth and hair!

  Then it was son-in-law material and utter gent, Corey from Galway, whom, I would say, given his impeccable behaviour is clearly a keeper. How has nobody snatched up the gorgeous Corey? The lad, at only 24, was old school, and, as he held date Melissa’s coat for her, had me congratulating the Mammy who raised him!

Changing face of Dublin

There’s no doubt that late, lamented, murdered journalist Veronica Guerin’s son Cathal Turley has grown into a fine young man. And, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of her death, as he talks about life and legacies, Cathal, who was only six when his mother was callously gunned down by gangland criminals as she sat in her car on the Naas Road in Dublin must surely wonder at how things have gone from bad to worse, with Gardaí wearing guns and balaclavas becoming the norm on our Capital’s streets.

  Last Friday we travelled to a quiet Dublin suburb, an area where property prices have risen, where young families reside and parents battle to enrol kiddies in the excellent local schools – a good area –only to witness what is now the common sight of a patrol car complete with three armed Gardaí keeping a vigilant watch as locals did their shopping at a little mini market.

  We all know Guerin’s murder led to the formation of the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) however, two decades on it seems murderous scum can still act with impunity, traumatising communities, destroying innocent lives and holding our country (in particular our capital) to ransom with their reign of terror.

  We’re all psychologically damaged, the situation is desperate, Gardaí are under-resourced, yet our leaders, Enda and Michéal, appear to be more interested in having a massive peeing party to see who has the bigger, ahem, appeal!