Boys in Belarus

A very successful Copernicus Project International Youth Meeting took place in Minsk, Belarus from October 4th to 11th. The theme for the meeting was ‘How we can work together’. Taking part were groups from Portugal, Russia, the Marist College, Athlone and the host group. Some of the participants had taken part in previous Copernicus Project International Youth Meetings. During the meeting the participants made presentations about their countries and shared aspects of their cultures. Russia is the same size as South America, has 16 bordering countries, 13 bordering seas and 11 time zones. The participants visited many places of importance in and near Minsk and learned about Belarus and its ten million inhabitants. The Irish made a very good presentation about different facets of Irish life. The memory of the Second World War is very much alive in Belarus. During their visit to the Great Patriotic War Museum (1941-1945), one of the largest war museums in the territory of the former USSR, the participants learned that over a quarter of the population of the country died during the war and that only three buildings remained standing in Minsk after the war.