Boyle’s secret love for lacrosse revealed…



Your favourite local newspaper has commented before on the welcome frequency with which actor Chris O’Dowd name-checks Co. Roscommon, whether it’s through Twitter, his chatshow appearances or at related celebrity gigs. 

  He was at it again in recent days, and was joined by fellow Boyle native Paul Young, of Cartoon Salon renown.

  When the Ireland Funds threw a party in West Hollywood to celebrate Ireland’s 2018 Academy Award nominees, Chris and Paul were interviewed together by host Victoria Smurfit.

  Asked if they knew one another when they were growing up in Boyle, quirky Chris joked that he and Young met through…lacrosse.

  “Lacrosse – we played lacrosse together,” O’Dowd jokingly told the actress.

 Young played along.

  “In the tennis courts. Everybody thought we were great”.

  O’Dowd: “Paul was in the corner drawing, I was telling jokes as he was drawing”.