Bosco’s battle

If you are looking for a little theatrical warm-up in preparation for next month’s Drama Festival, why not check out the antics of lovelorn farmer John Bosco McLane as he desperately searches for a woman and love at Roscommon Arts Centre on Saturday 23rd February 8 pm. Highly acclaimed actor Des Keogh has taken John B. Keane’s classic Letters from a Love-Hungry Farmer and adapted them into a one-man show. This hugely successful play, set in rural Ireland in the 1950’s is the story of 56-year-old John Bosco McLane, a bachelor and virgin.  A lonely existence in his dilapidated and neglected tiny cottage has driven John Bosco to make contact with professional match-maker Dicky Mick Dicky O’Connor, who he enlists to assist him in his quest for a woman. The results are often hilarious and almost always humiliating for the farmer. Desperate for companionship he even considers using modern technology to lure in a lady who might love him and even ponders becoming a priest to remedy his problem! Des Keogh shines in his own adaptation of one of John B. Keane’s classic plays and his skill as an actor and raconteur help to portray this character with side splitting humour and a touching humanity that will draw the audience in and leave them begging for more!  Booking at the box office (090) 66 25824.