Bog ‘a dumping ground for builders and farmers’

Illegal dumping is rampant on bogs in Co. Roscommon, it is claimed.

  Roscommon County Council received numerous such complaints last month, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show.

  On June 16, the council received a report that Clooncoran Bog, near Athlone, was used for a “dumping ground for local builders and farmers”.

  The complaint says: “Concrete blocks being dumped on the bog road, farm manure blocking drains, causing pollution to the local river and streams.”

  On June 11, it was also claimed that dumping was widespread on an unnamed Castlerea bog, where a “trailer full of waste” was discarded.

  A similar complaint was received the following day, when it was said that five bags had been dumped at the side of the road at Ballinapark Bog, Castlerea.

  Separately, on June 23, a disturbing complaint was received from a resident in a housing estate in North Roscommon. 

  The email to the council reads: “I would like to report that my next-door neighbour burns her waste every other day in the back garden and the fumes are very dangerous for the young child.”

   Separately, on June 16, it was claimed that nine people were living in a house in Roscommon town, but had no waste collection system in place. The complaint was that they were storing waste in their “shed and back garden”.

  On June 26, a report was also received of a septic tank near the golf course in Strokestown discharging onto a neighbour’s property.

  There were also complaints made of the unauthorised erection of advertising signage in Roscommon town, particularly on the Racecourse Road.