Board asked to issue progress report on senior team set-up every month

Seamus Duke reports on Tuesday night’s County Board meeting, the first of the New Year  A report will be made to every monthly County Board meeting by PRO Mick Fahy from now on on the progress and events happening within the Roscommon senior fooball team set-up.    The new procedure was agreed by delegates at the first County Board meeting of the year which was held at the County Board offices on Tuesday of this week.   The matter was raised by St. Josephs delegate Anthony McCormack under ‘any other business.’ He said that although the senior team were ‘the flagship team of Roscommon GAA and costs a lot to run’ there was never much information given to club delegates about what is going on.   ‘I would prefer if there was a report here for the delegates on the progress or otherwise of the team every month. At least it would be better than people whispering in corners or talking out on the street. For instance we were told that there would be a third selector appointed this year and that two people would be watching matches from the stand. What happened with all that? It’s that kind of informaton that I am talking about’ he said.    Chairman Michael McGuire said that he had no problem in allowing discussion on the matter.    ‘I can tell the meeting that a new trainer has been appointed to train the team because there were question marks over that aspect. There are now two people watching matches in the stand to assist the managment of the team. The management also felt that there was no need for  the appointment of a third selector at this time. That’s what I can say but what I would like to know is how this monthly report would be structured and who would do it?’ he said.   Anthony McCormack’s request was supported by Strokestown delegate Martin Silke and St. Brigid’s’ Pat Dennehy. Martin Silke said ‘I agree with Anthony McCormack. We should know what’s going on. It’s our most important team and we should hear about it at these meetings’ he said.   Secretary Mr. Seamus Maher said that the county senior team was not the only team in Roscommon GAA. ‘There is huge work being done at underage level and there is massive fund-raising to be done to support all teams in Roscommon GAA, not just the senior team’ he said.   Mick Rock of Elphin also strongly supported Anthony McCormack. ‘I’m glad that this suggestion has been made. A monthly report is a good idea. We never talk about the senior team in here and it’s about time we started. It’s the elephant in the room that we are ignoring