Blackberry Hearing – Not just much more affordable hearing aids!

Blackberry Hearing established its first hearing clinic in partnership with Rosmed Pharmacy just over a year ago. The objective was to offer the people of Roscommon a hearing aid service that is second to none. Having analysed the market its founders, John Ryan and Dave Gleeson believed their company could provide people with a much more affordable solution and with exceptional customer care.

A year later the clinic in Rosmed continues to be very strong for Blackberry Hearing even with 40 clinics now established nationwide. The main features of Blackberry Hearings service continue to be..

• Price – Blackberry Hearing aids are about 40% of the price of other well know retailers for a similarly specified product

• Quality – The hearing aids are made by Widex, a world class and top 5 manufacturer.

• Service – Blackberry Hearing employ BSc Hons audiologists. Properly qualified analysis of the customer’s hearing loss, the required fit and managing that customer’s individual requirements is absolutely key to the user’s experience.

• Philosophy – Blackberry Hearing believe their philosophy to ensure that each individual user gets the maximum out of their new hearing aids changes their customers’ lives.

 “The company set out to offer much more affordable hearing aids to customers” says John “but what our customers told us is that our attention to detail and our customer care is beyond anything they experienced before. We were blown away by the positivity of our customers to our service”.

This in turn has led to a very strong customer referral which has kept customers coming back to Rosmed. The process to establish if you have hearing loss is simple. You can book an appointment for a FREE hearing test. You will be advised the price for you, including grant eligibility before you come in. If you are unsure you can walk out with your test result for free or you can purchase your hearing aids, there and then. It doesn’t end there, as should you be unsure about anything after purchase you have the option to return the products for a full refund. That said, the vast majority of people’s lives are changed utterly for the better as they engage fully again with friends, family and life with a hearing solution that is tailored to their specific requirements.

            You may make an appointment by calling or dropping into Rosmed Pharmacy in Golf Links Road, Roscommon or by phoning them at 0906 665524 or call Blackberry Hearing at 01 6978470.