Black Friday…variety and value!



The Black Friday Bonanza is almost here!! And it’s no longer just a one-day phenomenon now – in many cases, Black Friday bargains last all week!

  It’s a great opportunity for consumers to perhaps strike the deal of the year, certainly to get some timely value!

  Christmas is an expensive time of year for most families and the ‘Black Friday’ period gives people a chance to buy those all-important gifts and goods at the best possible price!

  With a view to helping you get that best possible value, we have a few Black Friday shopping tips to share…

  Firstly, do your research. The Internet is a useful tool for this. Catalogues and leaflets are good shouts too. Find out what you need, or what you want to buy, and make a list. Compare prices across different shops, and look at alternatives to see if there is an unmissable deal available with a particular outlet.

  Try and get into shops before Black Friday itself, as most places run promotions all week. If you are shopping on Black Friday, hit the shops when they open. Be aware they may open early on Black Friday. That way you get the pick of the deals.

  In certain cases, there may be merit in seeking an extra discount, especially if you are buying a number of items. No harm in asking!

  Above all, we’re asking Roscommon People readers to shop locally – support our local small businesses!