Bishop visits — from Nigeria — to say thanks for support

Recently Archbishop I. A. Kiagama, from Jos, Nigeria visited the area to meet with and thank Apostolic Workers from Elphin Diocese for their continued support of his Diocese over a long number of years. He was also visiting in order to meet with relatives of priests who served in the Diocese and were fomenters of his religious education. The Archbishop was accompanied by Sr. Helena McEvilley, who also works in Jos and is from Drum, Athlone.    The Archbishop met with a niece of Bishop Reddington from Curraghboy and a niece of Fr. Harrison from Brideswell, Athlone — both of those men served in Jos  over many years and died out there.    The Archbishop had requested two small Tabernacles for churches in Jos, churches which are essentially mud and wattle buildings.    The Apostolic Workers presented the Archbishop with them and also with a Mass Kit and funds to help with the completion of a Women’s Centre. This Centre was funded by National Council of Apostolic Work two years ago, and is a great source of empowerment to the women involved. It is a very polygamist society and women are kept very much in the background. Here they are taught things like needlework, basic hygiene, care for babies, and many other skills that we in Ireland take for granted.   Sister Helena McEvilley from Drum, Athlone is a qualified Nurse and Midwife. A  Sister of the Porticuncla Order, she trained in Ballinasloe, and has spent about 15years in Nigeria., most of them in Jos.