Beyond the Pale: Dubs’ weekend away





Donegal’s motion to prevent Dublin from playing their home and ‘neutral’ games at Croke Park in the Super 8s may have failed but the Dubs will be leaving home comforts behind this weekend as they travel to Dr. Hyde Park.

  I was speaking to Dublin supporters earlier this week and they told me they find the whole debate slightly amusing. They insisted that they look forward to these trips away, and the numbers present at recent away games would certainly appear to back this up.

  Perhaps it’s a different story when it comes to the Dublin County Board and the Dublin team, however. But I suppose it would be naïve to suggest that other counties wouldn’t look to maintain ‘home’ advantage if the shoe was on the other foot.

  Another reason Dublin supporters find it all so amusing is the timing of the debate.

  “Everyone used to love bating us in Croker” is the usual refrain when asked what they thought of Donegal’s motion and claims that Dublin have it too easy when it comes to expenses and time spent on the road.

  Donegal’s motion was defeated two to one, which would suggest that other counties are rather nonplussed about the current situation. But this is something I find hard to believe.

  Yes, it’s true that Dublin’s recent success plays a big part in all of this but that doesn’t mean attempts shouldn’t be made right now to level the playing field. This Dublin team is capable of competing anywhere and the more young football supporters that get to see them perform in the flesh the better, in my humble opinion.

  Looking ahead to this Sunday and it promises to be a wonderful occasion at Dr. Hyde Park. It’s an opportunity for this young Roscommon team to test themselves against the side that has set the benchmark for the last four years away from the cavernous surrounds of headquarters.

  And if that wasn’t enough, the current Connacht Ladies intermediate champions take on Down at 12 noon in the opening act of what should be an entertaining double-header.