Better hearing, much better prices

Prior to entering the market, Blackberry Hearing’s market research validated that there was significant consumer dissatisfaction with pricing and after-care service. So, the focus for the company has been on providing quality, affordability, price transparency and simplicity but ultimately ensuring the customer gets the best possible solution for their individual needs.

To achieve this the company has instilled an ethos where no stone is left unturned to ensure total customer satisfaction. Employing only BSc qualified audiologists, a rarity in the business, ensures that the customer receives the best possible consultation and thereafter the best possible solution.

Price transparency has been a cornerstone of the Blackberry Hearing philosophy. Research again revealed that prices advertised in the industry were rarely available during or after the consultation. To this end, Blackberry Hearing ensures that anyone attending one of their free hearing consultations is aware beforehand of the cost of hearing aids for them, should they want to proceed. This then is backed up by a 45-day cooling off period, where a customer has the assurance they can return the hearing aids for a full refund should they not be fully satisfied.

The ultimate measure of a company’s success in providing customer care must come from the customers themselves. Blackberry Hearing has expanded rapidly and now holds over 60 fortnightly clinics. The feedback from both clinic partners and customers has been overwhelmingly positive. An example of comments from letters sent to the regional press include “I can only say that the service was top class”.

“We did not necessarily set out to be disruptive” according to John “but our low pricing and strong customer care seems to have done just that. Being able to hear again is transformative to people with hearing loss. Research shows that people with hearing loss retreat from social interaction with family, friends and colleagues with drastic results on their mental wellbeing.

Changing peoples’ lives for the better at an affordable price is a really good feeling.”

While 2016 has been the first full year of trading, Blackberry Hearing has expanded significantly to most of the country and hopes to bring its service to the far reaches of the country by 2017. Meanwhile, you can book a FREE hearing consultation at a clinic near you or find out more by phoning Blackberry Hearing directly at 01-6978470.

Megan Munnelly, BSc Audiologist

Hearing is one of those things that we all take for granted until it’s taken away. I have seen that many times and have witnessed the effect the loss of hearing can have on an individual’s life, as well as their families. I love keeping active and socialising and I can see how if these things were taken away from me, my life would change. I really enjoy the feeling of helping somebody regain parts of their lives that were neglected because of their hearing difficulty. It really is rewarding and I have great job satisfaction.