Bertie’s ‘dream team’ unveiled!

  Bertie’s ‘dream team’ was unveiled to members of the Fianna Fáil Cumainn in Ballaghaderreen, Edmondstown and Tibohine at a social night in Durkin’s in Ballaghaderreen on Friday night last.             The ‘Meet Bertie’s Team’ event was organised by Mary Devine O’Callaghan, the Director of Elections for Fianna Fáil in County Roscommon with the help of the local organisation. In an event attended by both outgoing TDs, John Ellis and Michael Finneran, Sean Ó Neachtain MEP, Fianna Fáil councillors, local members of the party and party activists from the entire constituency of Roscommon-South Leitrim. ‘The mood was confident and determined as the General Election campaign proper got off the starting blocks,’ commented Ms. Devine O’Callaghan.             Addressing the meeting, Mary Devine-Callaghan, Director of Elections for County Roscommon, set out the need for the organisation to be united and to work at its full potential in order return its two outgoing TDs and thereby ensure that Fianna Fáil lead the next Government and continue to deliver the unrivalled peace and prosperity that has been the hallmark of the last 10 years of government in this country.             Mr. John Ellis TD addressed the meeting and stressed the need to return the two current TDs. If this was not achieved he set out the alternative arrangements stating ‘when canvassing over the coming weeks, make sure that people do not take our hard work for granted because that is what the opposition are attempting to do. In order to discredit our hard work and our achievement they are trying to say, ‘but sure it would happen anyway!’ Just imagine what would happen to this country and our current prosperity if Pat Rabbitte replaced Brian Cowen as Minister for Finance and just imagine the fate of the farming community if Trevor Sargent, a Green Dublin TD whose only field is his back garden, replaced Mary Coughlan as Minister for Agriculture. In a rainbow coalition, Enda wants to be Taoiseach, Pat wants to be Minister for Finance and Trevor wants to be in charge of rural Ireland which will be the deathknell for our agricultural community’.     The meeting was then rallied by the address of Michael Finneran TD. In a speech that generated an enthusiastic response from the gathering he said, ‘Fianna Fáil has made huge investment in the county and people of Roscommon. While an independent voice can shout the loudest, he is rarely heard or heeded. The ability to knock at the Minister’s door and put your case in a concise and cogent fashion is a far more effective way to deliver for those you represent and the proof of this reality is evident. Which party is it that has sanctioned €62 million for the building of the Ballaghaderreen by-pass and which party is it that has delivered €144,000 in funding for the Community Park here in Ballaghaderreen? I could mention many more projects here tonight.             ‘The Independent voice will not deliver because it has no influence to deliver. In our neighbouring counties of Mayo and Leitrim an Independent candidate was elected at the last election. Now at this election, one hasn’t bothered to stand fearing an embarrassing defeat at the polls and the other is set to fail to be returned in the largest constituency in the country where an independent has the best chance of succeeding. John and myself can however guarantee 100 percent that if we are returned that we will deliver for farming, industry, the private sector and most importantly our local community groups.’             Seán Ó Neachtain also endorsed the two candidates and the night was then rounded off with music from Hearts Delight.