BEEF2022: Supporting sustainable beef farming

Teagasc Beef 2022 open day takes place on Tuesday, July 5th in Teagasc Grange. There are significant challenges in relation to overall profitability, market disturbances, CAP reform, climate change policy and input price rises, however, the market for grass-fed beef as a high quality, sustainable human food protein source is strong.

The focus of BEEF2022 will be on the application of technologies that will help beef farmers increase the profitability and environmental sustainability of their family farm businesses. Technologies in relation to grazing management, animal nutrition, beef genetics, reproductive management, animal health and farm planning will be essential to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the Irish beef sector which will form the main focus of the day.

There will be four main stands highlighting beef systems for your farm, performance targets and achieving the targets while optimizing beef profitability. There will be variety of technology villages focusing on the environment ‘signpost farms’, grassland management, suckling systems, dairy calf to beef systems, growing and finishing cattle, meat quality, advisory education and policy and farming lifestyle.

In the afternoon there will be a forum with a panel of experts who will address supporting the sustainability of Irish beef farming.  There will be live displays in relation to low emissions slurry application, grazing management and health & safety throughout the day. There will be demonstrations in relation to the use of protected urea fertilisers, reseeding and farm infrastructure. Livestock from the various suckler and dairy-beef studies at Grange will be on display.

If you are a beef farmer, BEEF 2022 is your opportunity to see first-hand the results of Teagasc’s comprehensive research and innovation programme and to meet Teagasc research, advisory and education staff. BEEF2022 on Tuesday, July 5th in Teagasc Grange is a free event and is a day not to be missed. Further information at