Beef Plan protest not going away – Kerrane 



Sinn Féin spokesperson for Roscommon, Claire Kerrane, has said that the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed needs to “wake up” and realise that without his direct intervention, the Beef Plan protest will continue.

  Speaking having attended the picket line at Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis on a number of occasions in recent days, Ms. Kerrane said: “The Beef Plan movement is only beginning. Pickets at factories are now in place in 19 locations across the State with more and more farmers and supporters joining the picket lines every day.

  “I commend everyone who is taking a stand for fair and decent pay for beef farmers – the very least they deserve.

  “As the daughter of a beef farmer, I know the struggles being faced by beef farmers and I am hugely proud of the stand farmers are taking. It’s a stand the IFA would never have the guts to take, not least due to their cosy alliance to the Fine Gael party. That’s now irrelevant because we have a new and growing movement to represent beef farmers and their families.

  “Minister Creed needs to wake up and he needs to do so quickly. He is the Minister for Agriculture and he needs to intervene right now. In the meantime, the pickets will continue with Beef Plan members more determined than ever”.