Bathroom confessions

It’s official, Irish men are the most secretive groomers in Europe – but don’t tell anybody. A European-wide poll carried out by Gilette found that Irish men start shaving younger than any other country, at an average age of midway between 15 and 16 for that first tentative attempt, they are more concerned about removing nasal hair than any other country and unfortunately for Irish women, Irish men think it more important to look their best when starting a new job than when single or in a relationship! The main reason behind our secrecy is that men don’t want to appear vain. So, ladies, next time your man is taking a while to come out of the bathroom and you want to know what he’s up to, don’t bother. He won’t tell you. And don’t comment when he emerges fresh-faced and clean-shaven because he won’t like it! Did you know that the average European man will spend 27 weeks of his life on personal grooming? The average German will spend a whopping 47 weeks, because German men care more about their appearance than almost any other nation in Europe, while they are regarded as amongst the worst groomed.