Bathe in bliss

When it comes to classic bathroom design a cast iron bath tub adds a sense of world class style and old fashioned charm to the bathroom. With new features such as resistance to chemicals and stains, easy to clean surfaces and extreme durability the range of cast iron baths from Shires with up-to-date features clearly separate the past from the present. Each of Shires cast iron baths has a personality all of its own. Available in rectangular, with the option of built-in panels or tiled fronts or freestanding, with roll top edges or high back option, each adding a sense of chic that is missing from many modern bathrooms. Elegance The class AA enamel used in the cast iron baths is resistant to acidic and alkaline products, keeps its sparkle, smells do not linger on it and neither bacteria or fungi adhere to it. The bathtubs have a high level of thermal and sound insulation and their surface is very smooth and easy to clean. ‘Although cast iron baths are available in rectangular sizes to be built in with panels or tiled fronts, the most popular are freestanding baths with roll top edges or high-back slipper baths’ states Annemarie Tumilty, Shires Ireland Marketing Manager, ‘all of which can receive the dramatic treatment of ornate ball and claw feet, mixing contemporary styles with traditional materials is also proving a popular choice, an admired trend set to be seen in 2008,’ continues Tumilty. Not only are Cast Iron Baths stylish and classic, these baths will add a touch of Victorian class to your home and give elegance to a bathroom that it would not normally encounter – a timeless feature in your home.