Barstool Boyos – 5th June

It’s a phenomenon!

It is! It’s everywhere!

The TV hit of the summer!

Hailed as the Covid era classic!

Everyone’s talking about it!

How do you know that? Nobody’s meeting up…

Well, they’re talking about it online, or in the papers, or on radio…plus, I just sense it!

I’ve barely seen it. 


Nah, not my cup of tea…

NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA? But…but…it’s a phenomenon! The TV hit of the summer!

(There’s a pause on the line) 

A beautiful story. 


Beautifully shot, beautifully scripted, beautifully paced…

You still on about that programme? 

Yep! It’s just so touching…


NO ! Not ‘yawn!’…this is something to be so proud of! An Irish production! A love story of our times. Beautifully shot. 

You said…

Outstanding performances. Great chemistry between the two stars. It’s beautiful!

Okay, go on so, what’s it about? 

What’s it about?! I thought you’ve watched some of it…

Well, just a few minutes. But I couldn’t stay with it, had to take the dog for a walk.

At that time of night?

Yeah, took the dog for a walk to the other room, turned the other telly on, chased up some classic sport!

You have no sense of adventure, no curiosity, no appreciation of…well, of art!


That’s essentially what it is!


Yes, it’s beautifully shot..


And quite moving…


A love story. 

You reckon?

The two central characters, they’re just so likeable. 


Complex too. The joys and also the challenges of youth, I guess. Deeply moving. 


Will you stop saying really! Anyways, it’s obvious you just don’t get it…you’re clearly not the romantic type. What have you been watching, apart from classic sport? Bad guys blasting one another in Gangs of London?

Eh…yeah. Very…moving!

You’re missing so much…they have such charisma…

The thing is, I don’t consider them young. Or complex. I get that there’s a certain chemistry between them, but I’m not sure that it’s as moving as you say. Not even sure it’s love…it’s just a bloke-y thing. 

A bloke-y thing??? Not love? NOT LOVE? Not moving? It’s the TV hit of the summer, you idiot, it’s beautiful!

As far as I could see, it’s just Marty Morrissey and Bernard O’Shea joshing around, on another road trip, doing their thing…prancing about, posing, all rehearsed…it’s not…well, normal!

Marty and Bernard?! I’ve been talking about Normal People! NORMAL PEOPLE, you fool, not Marty and Bernard! And I was just about to mention the very artistic nude scenes! Would that, at least, have brought you to your senses?

(There’s an awkward silence on the line). 


Nude scenes? Do Marty and Bernard strip off? Maybe I missed that episode…is it on RTE Player?