Barstool Boyos – 9 October

Bon Jovi, Harry Maguire and Michael Healy-Rae…


Did you see him? That smile! That arrogance! Did you HEAR him?

Oh he’s something else!

That cockiness! That cavalier style! He’s untameable!

Yep, there’s never been a politician like him!

He’s not a politician…he’s a showman, an actor!

It was a bad week on the Covid front, but he just had to put himself centre of it all – again!


Available for the media at the drop of a hat…then that oh so confident, superior TRASH TALK!

You almost have to hand it to him…at least he’s different! His own man! A one-off!

He just says what he wants to…take it or leave it!


He’s convinced he’ll be back in the top job!

He will too!

You reckon?


That man loves the camera!

Sure does!

Donald Trump, what a guy!
Donald Trump? I was talking about Leo! Did you not see his outburst on Claire Byrne Live?


(They pause to double-check the differences between Levels 2 and 3)


We should have had a pint on Monday or Tuesday…the pubs have had to close again.

It’s sad. Solidarity with local publicans and restaurant owners and their staff…

Agreed. We should have had that pint…

I couldn’t! I had a few too many on Sunday…

That’s not like you…

A relation was staying over. It was his idea! He brought some cans of beer, said we’ll have a few…

You NEVER have cans at home!

I know, I much prefer the pub atmosphere…

You had too many? Where’s your willpower?

It was nothing to do with willpower. We had a deal…

Go on…

He said we’ll have one can…


Every time Manchester United and Liverpool concede a goal!

You didn’t…?

No, we stopped just after half-time in the United match!


It was crazy…that defending.

Yeah, to think that Harry Maguire cost something like 80 million pounds!

He’s some header…

Not true! Judging by Sunday, he CAN’T head the ball! And that left ME with a sore head!


(They pause to reflect briefly on how life was before March of this year; they resume their chat after a few sedate moments)


Any other news?

Well, I see there’s a hint of a spat between two entertainment superstars!

Madonna and Elton?


Springsteen and Streisand?


Don’t tell me it’s all kicked off between Daniel O’Donnell and Brendan Shine?

Apparently Jon Bon Jovi inferred that Bono once claimed that he – Bono – was living under threat of violence from ‘Orange men’ when he was growing up…

But Bono grew up in a posh part of Dublin…

Yeah, it’s all very silly.

Has Jon Bon found any evidence of the alleged quotes?

No, apparently he hasn’t found what he’s looking for…

Do you think Bono’s worried?

Nah, sure he’s Living on a Prayer…as usual. Doesn’t give a damn, fair play to him!

Love it! Anyways, that was the week that was! All I can say is, that Trump is some boyo!

Incredible! Anyways, I might head away…

Unlike Harry Maguire!

Yeah! I want to catch the ‘News’…I think Mattie McGrath and Michael Healy-Rae both self-imploded today…

Thank God we have rational, normal politicians, not like in America!