Barstool Boyos – 8th of June

Can you believe it? He reckons AI could replace us and write this column!

We’re on the way out!

Nah, we’re heading for the quarter-finals…hopefully! That was a good win against Sligo!

Not the Rossies! I’m talking about us…as columnists!

Not THAT old chestnut again…

I’m serious!

Look, I’ve been meaning to get back to the Editor about renewing our contract! It’s on my ‘To do’ list this week…er, after weeding the barbeque and cleaning the garden.

I think you mean cleaning the barbeque and weeding the garden? Anyways, there’s a new development, and I’m beside myself with worry!

Please, not your Joe Brolly conspiracy theory again. He’s never going to replace us with Brolly. He couldn’t afford him!

It’s worse! I’m telling you, our days are numbered!


(They pause to smile at a few passers-by, what with the weather being glorious and everyone being in good humour)


So, er…

Say it out straight!

Well, the Editor actually rang me last night…


….to discuss the future of this column…

But, but…he talks to ME…about our contract…

Well he rang ME!

He’s playing divide and conquer!


So, is he seriously thinking of replacing us?

Think so!



Not the pub bore?


Who then?

Artificial intelligence, that’s what he said!

That’s a low blow from him. We might not be two Einsteins, but we’re no eejits!

No, he wasn’t DESCRIBING us! He was musing about replacing us with artificial intelligence!

Wow! This IS serious!


(They pause to wistfully recall the good old days, before the world went mad)


He’s already done tests…


He’s used ChatGPT…


It’s a ‘Chatbot’ – artificial intelligence. It could create content for this column, based on our previous submissions, our style!

And he’s done tests?

Yes! He got ChatGPT to create a Boyos’ column.


The Editor said it was silly rubbish…

So it didn’t work?

No, it DID work. He said it was silly rubbish, just like our weekly ramblings. He was delighted!

And it was written in our style? AI knew what to do?

Yes, there were loads of references to Marty Morrissey, Daniel O’Donnell, Donald Trump, the Healy-Raes, GAA, all the stuff we go on about!

Unbelievable! Do you think he really is serious?

Hard to tell. Last thing he said to me was… ‘When I think of you two boyos, it reminds me of half of the term ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE…’

He obviously meant ‘intelligence’ rather than ‘artificial’?

Your guess is as good as mine!