Barstool Boyos – 7th of April

‘I’ve been on to Kellie’s people, and Eoin Ó Broin’s, and Barry Cowen’s’

Hey, who’s gonna tackle the big man in Mayo?


Coming soon… the enormously powerful and influential great one! But he must be challenged! He could run amok!

Run amok?

Yes, run amok!

Look, I’m as excited as the next person about President Biden coming to Mayo, and I don’t think it will be the time or the place to protest about American policy on anything. We need to welcome the guy!

I’m not talking about President Biden’s visit to Mayo next week. I’m talking about Aidan O’Shea and the threat he poses to Roscommon in Sunday’s big game!


(They pause to check if Fionnán Sheahan & George Hook have calmed down yet after their celebrated appearances on Virgin Media’s Tonight Show on Monday night)


So I’ve a new career idea…

Oh dear!

I’m thinking of moving into DC.

Washington DC?



As you know, I’m very involved in a wide range of media and communications services…

If you say so…

So I’m considering a new departure.


Not that type of departure! I mean a career departure, but still broadly in communications…

Mmnn…so what’s this ‘Damage Control’ you’re on about?

I will be a Tweet Tsar!

A wha’?

I’ve already been on to Kellie Harrington’s people, and Eoin Ó Broin’s, and Barry Cowen’s…


More and more public figures are getting into hot water with their tweets, their social media, their TV and radio interviews…


So I reckon there’s an opening for some experienced media person to scrutinise their output before it goes out… and/or deal with the fall-out once trouble erupts!

Mmnn… I think there are people for that job already!

Maybe, but I have unique talents!

Indeed you do, very unique!


(They pause to discuss a good week for Roscommon sport, with notable success for the Convent of Mercy footballers and the Roscommon senior hurlers)


Any more musings?

Well…can we beat Mayo?

It won’t be easy, but…

Fingers crossed! No doubt you’ll be on your damage control crusade if we lose…

That won’t be necessary! Davy’s boyos will do us proud!

I see Trump was charged and fingerprinted in court this week… try some damage control there!

Yeah, that might be a challenge, even for me!

So, we managed to reference two American presidents in our column this week…

It may not end at two…


You asked if we can beat Mayo…to which I will respond by quoting Barack Obama… YES WE CAN!