Barstool Boyos – 6th of May

It was freezing in Markievicz Park…but our lads were red-hot!

Wow! What drama!


SERIOUS sporting combat! The sheer physicality of it! The blows, the hits…I dunno how they stayed on their feet! And as for the baying crowd!

It was magic! Fair play to Katie, and to Amanda!

Oh no, I was talking about the weekend’s football and hurling…

Oh, right…fair enough. There were a few skirmishes alright…


…still, I think Katie’s win was the sporting highlight of the weekend…

Well, I got a birdie at Roscommon Golf Club, but yeah, Katie edges it!

What a warrior!

Thank you!

Not you…Katie!

Yeah, she’s amazing.

By the way, I don’t believe it…

You think the fight was fixed, to ensure a rematch? You’re such a cynic!

No, I believe Katie won…I just don’t believe you got a birdie!

(They pause to see if a rematch in Croke Park has been scheduled yet)

It was quite a sporting weekend alright…

Yeah, we enjoyed our trip to Sligo…and thankfully you decided to skip that car boot sale!

You don’t know what you’re missing!

The Rossies did well…

Some super scores, a confident display after a slow start. Our attack is red-hot!

I was bloody freezing!

It was cold alright, and miserable, but hey, we won with lots to spare. Roll on the Connacht final!

We’re in good shape…you can see the wheels are turning.

Yeah, I wished the wheels of the cars leaving Markievicz Park turned a bit quicker on Saturday evening! The traffic was seriously slow for a while!

That’s the joys of the championship, sure wasn’t it great to be back in business, after two years of lockdown!


(They pause to check if it’s really May already; it is)

Interesting to see Pat Spillane Junior join the action for Sligo…

Absolutely! And Colm O’Rourke was in the Abbey Hotel last week! What next? Joe Brolly to join the People?

Eh…those contract talks for this column, just exactly how are they going?

No comment!

Our U-20 hurlers meanwhile, they ran Down close…

a noble effort…


Our minors just came up short against Mayo, but they’re in action again this week, so here’s wishing them all the best…

Well said! And our ladies will bounce back too!

The snooker was exciting…

Yeah, I like Judd, but I struggle to shout for a player called Trump!

That’s not fair!

Only joking!

Mind you, Ronnie O’Sullivan – world snooker champion for a seventh time – is a phenomenon.


Yeah, there’s nobody quite like him, plus his initials warm the cockles of my heart…


They sum up a super sporting weekend…Come on ROS!