Barstool Boyos – 6th of January

No Wren Boys, but a sing-song in the local… with just one misunderstanding!

Now THAT was a quiet Christmas!


We were only out…twice!

Oh yeah, and we weren’t even OUT OUT once!

Guess we’re not as young as we once were!

That’s very true!

Main thing is, we had a nice festive season…socially, and more importantly, at home with family!

That’s very true…too!

Still, I was sorry to see the Big R go off into the distance…he’s irreplaceable!

Don’t talk to me about Ronaldo!

I won’t! I’m on about Ronan Collins! He’s gone from his afternoon slot!

Yeah, but he’s back just as quick…this time on Gold…he’s on the golden oldies circuit…

Yeah, a bit like Ronaldo!


(They pause to extend a sincere Happy New Year to Roscommon people everywhere)


That first evening in the pub was a bit special…


The first of our two nights out over Christmas…

Special? It was St Stephen’s Night…but there wasn’t a wren boy, or girl, to be seen!

A dying tradition, I fear, but sure we had our own sing-song!

Don’t remind me…I felt I had to stop you at one point!

Well, first we sang Fairytale of New York…

Yes, naturally…

Then you launched into White Christmas…

A wonderful version if I say so myself…possibly even better than the original!

By closing time, there was no stopping you…

I wasn’t the only one singing…

No, but you were belting out some playlist…Bono, Van Halen, Elvis, Buddy Holly…

Everyone was joining in…it was like the old days!

I know…but still…

Still what?

Rightly or wrongly, I felt I had to intervene – when you went for it…

Went for what?

‘Ooh ah up the Ra’…that’s what!

I didn’t sing that!

I know you didn’t…‘cos I stopped you!


No what? Look, I’m not saying I was right to muzzle you, it probably would have gone down well….I just wasn’t sure what to do when you launched into ‘Ooh ah up the R…’

I DIDN’T! I was about to sing ‘Ooh ah up the Rossies!’