Barstool Boyos – 4 September

‘It would be nice to see Messi dribbling in Lecarrow’


I’m still upset…it’s SO frustrating…

But the Late Late Show has to come back some time!

No, not THAT!

Then what’s bugging you? Big Phil? Trump? Has Marty got a new show? Don’t tell me he has a cookery programme now! Munching with Morrissey? Is that what it’s called? TELL ME!

No, not Phil! Not Donald! Not Marty!

So what’s bugging you?

The restrictions….for sport! No-one allowed into games! It’s not right!


People don’t know where they stand…

Well, anywhere bar on the terraces…



What about Messi? The leaving of Barcelona?

No, I mean the ‘no spectators’ thing. It’s messy…still, there is some sport on TV.

Oh yeah, last weekend I watched GAA, soccer, rugby, even the Tour de France…

Speaking of soccer, where do you think Messi will go?

Oh I think he should come here!

You mean the UK? Surely not Ireland!

Roscommon & District League!

You’re mad!

Anything’s possible! All we need is a big sponsor…maybe Mr. Mulryan could be spoken to…

You’re joking!

Well, George Best and Bobby Charlton both played in the League of Ireland…but yes, I ‘spose I am joking.

Still, it would be nice to see Messi dribbling in Lecarrow…(at the soccer HQ)

We’re living in strange times…but I guess not THAT strange!


(They pause and watch as three teenagers who’ve met up for a chat ignore each other as they scroll on their mobiles)


Strange times…

What about the livestreaming, have you done any of that?

Haven’t fished in years, but I meant to take it up during lockdown!

NO! Livestreaming the matches! The Roscommon GAA club games…on the Internet!

Oh I heard about that! Not yet! I’m still learning how to send a photo through WhatsApp!

Well, get one of your kids to livestream the club semi-finals…at least you’ll see some football!

I might do! Anyways, fair play, the local clubs seem to have served up exciting championship action!

Oh yeah, it’s been great…and there’s some super new talent emerging!

Really? I hadn’t realised that! Good young players?

Oh no, not players! Commentators! Frank Brandon, Ivan Connaughton, several club stalwarts are emerging as exciting new prospects! Media newbies!

Excellent! Strange times! The championships are exciting, budding Willie Hegartys are emerging, but still there’s nobody at the games!

No, but oddly enough, some of the local pubs – which serve food, of course – are getting lots of supporters in, and they’re watching the livestreaming of matches on big screens!

So, Super Saturday and Super Sunday are making a comeback?

Well, reportedly!

All while no-one is allowed into grounds! Mad stuff! Maybe that’s why Phil Hogan came to Roscommon…a pint, a pizza and a GAA match on the telly?

Yeah, and who knows, maybe if Messi came here he’d also get hooked on the GAA? “Hey Lionel, nice goal you got there in the second half…listen, a few of us are popping into Coffey’s for a bite to eat and a pint, do you fancy…”