Barstool Boyos – 3rd of March 2023

Waffle to Leo? Actually, we had a very constructive meeting!

Wow! What a weekend!

You always say that…

Do I? Sorry!

So…what was so special?

Well, I mean, that rugby star…he glides like a…well, like someone who glides…

The Italian guy?

No! Shane Byrne! The ex-Ireland player! He was voted out of Dancing with the Stars, but what a sport he is!

That was your weekend highlight?



Well, I met Leo on Friday…


He’s very cheerful!

Shane Byrne?

No, Leo!

So, you met him in Ballyleague-Lanesboro, I take it?

Yes! At the opening of the Lough Ree Access For All facility!

An excellent development!


A brief handshake?


With Leo?

On the contrary, we…eh…joshed for a full ten minutes!

We did!

On what?

On the boat!


The committee took Leo and a few more guests out on the Shannon, on the boat. I…er…invited myself along!


(They pause to reflect on their enjoyable trip to Clones, albeit that Roscommon lost)



How did you manage to smuggle yourself on to the boat?

I think they saw me as a VIP…

And you chatted to Leo?

Yes! I hinted to him about my political ambitions. As you know, I’m likely to run as an Independent, but I may also consider offers from some of the parties!

Oh dear…what will swing it for you? Policy?

Of course! Policy is everything. If there’s the odd perk, good and well!

How was Leo?

He couldn’t be sounder.

You actually waffled to him for ten minutes about your political ambitions?

Waffled! Please withdraw that! We had a very constructive meeting!


(They pause to speculate, with a touch of trepidation, about Roscommon’s chances against Mayo this Sunday)


It was a very enjoyable morning.

That project’s a credit to everyone involved in setting up Access For All…


Did you meet Ciaran Mullooly?

Yes, I went up to him and said ‘Ciaran Mullooly, ex-RTE News, on the banks of the River Shannon, Ballyleague, Co. Roscommon’…

Hilarious. NOT! Speaking of your lame quips, does Leo have a sense of humour? I guess he must if he put up with you for ten minutes!

He has! And he enjoyed mine!

Go on…

Well, when we were on the boat trip, I advised him to chat with all the entourage…as they were floating voters!

Oh dear…

And you should have seen his face when I pointed into the distance and said… ‘That’s the hard border between Longford and Roscommon!’