Barstool Boyos – 30th of October


I was up SO late watching TV the other night!

Go on…

It’s kind of riveting…entertaining…two old guys lobbing insults over and back…

Last of the Summer Wine? No? Are the TV channels reduced to showing re-runs of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show? The Odd Couple? That was a classic…those guys never stopped bickering! Was that it?

NO! The Presidential debate! Trump and Biden!

Oh yes, I watched that too!

What did you think?

I thought ‘I’m an idiot to be up at 3 am watching two old men arguing about Abraham Lincoln…’

Same here!

Still, it was interesting at times. Looks like the Mayo man – Biden – is going to get the big prize…

A political Sam Maguire for Mayo!


What are his Mayo connections?

He has family links with Ballina!


If he wins, do you think the Rossies in Ballaghaderreen will join in with the celebrations?

No comment! Anyways, the Rossies in Ballaghaderreen have more important matters on their mind…than who will be leader of the free world!

The Connacht Championship?



(They pause to allow the Editor of the Roscommon People to switch subjects in this column)


Now they’re saying that amazing, glamorous woman is a FAKE! What will the Internet come up with next?

What amazing, glamorous woman is a fake? Please tell me it’s not Miriam O’Callaghan…

NO! Melania! The First Lady!

A fake? Melania a fake? I don’t understand…

Well, maybe I’m not explaining myself. SHE’S not actually fake. So, all weekend, it’s been trending on Twitter. The conspiracy theorists are insisting that it’s not the real Melania who’s with Trump on all those campaign gatherings. At least not all the time…they’re saying there’s a Melania double…who steps into the First Lady’s shoes!

Wow! Do you believe it?

Well, there were photos on Twitter…one showing the ‘real’ Melania, the other showing the alleged imposter!

Could you see any difference?

Yeah…the alleged ‘double’ or ‘lookalike’ looked really happy to be there!

Wow…it does sound suspicious!


(They pause to wonder what Abraham Lincoln would make of Trump, Zoom calls…and a Connacht Championship behind closed doors)


It’s a pity to be back on Zoom…

Yeah…but we can meet outdoors for a takeaway coffee!

I miss our chats in the pub…I miss the pub!

Same here…life is so strange now.

We just have to keep doing the right things…and we’ll all see better days.


Anyways, Happy Halloween!

You too!

And we have next Tuesday to look forward to…


The Presidential election! It’s on Tuesday. An all-night marathon! Magic! Drama! Excitement! Suspense!

Oh yeah…I’ll watch the results up to maybe 3 or 4 am…

3 or 4 am? I’m gonna stay up ALL NIGHT!

But you’re still working through Level 5…what about work on Wednesday?