Barstool Boyos – 29th of October

Such queues of young people! Such excitement! Such passion!

Wow! Such crowds!


Such scenes!


Great to see so many young people out, queuing to get in, desperate for good times again!

Yeah, it was quite a scene…

Mind you, when they did get in, it was chaotic inside!

I heard!

Like a war zone at times!


Yeah, bodies everywhere!


So much eh…adrenaline…


Pent-up emotions and all that…

I can imagine…

It was just remarkable. Those big queues of young people, the optimism, then when they got inside, the abandon of youth took over…bodies everywhere, emotions high, and A LOT of close contact!

Well, there probably shouldn’t have been…

I know, I know, but you can’t deny the passions of youth!


Inevitably, there was some, shall we say, physical contact…

It must have been hard to control…

Yeah, a nightmare!

Still, it’s brilliant to see Copper Face Jacks open again…

Copper Face Jacks?

Yeah, the queues, the young people, the passion, the physical contact, the sense of a war zone, the challenge in controlling it all…

Oh no, I was talking about the County Intermediate Football final, Faithleach’s v Dominic’s!

Oh, sorry!


(They pause out of slight embarrassment over the misunderstanding)


Anyways, that was a scary weekend! All those horrendous frights coming one after the other! It was terrifying! Devils and…

Well, I know there were a few events last weekend, but Halloween is really this weekend…Sunday night!

No, I’m not talking about Halloween frights. I’m talking about the Manchester United defence…against Liverpool! Terrifying! So scary!

Oh, THAT! Yeah, a remarkable scoreline. Manchester United 0 Liverpool 5. Incredible!

The Red Devils will bounce back, they have the tradition, the players, the money, the aura!

Yeah, but will Ole be there for it?

Is he STILL there?


(They both check their Twitter feeds to see if Ole is still in charge at Man Utd)


So, my friend, are you clear on the nightclub conditions now?

It doesn’t really matter to me…I haven’t been in a nightclub since Boney M were at Number 1!

Oh come off it!

Okay, I am joking…ah they’re great fun admittedly…

Boney M? Do you know them?


Let’s be honest with our readers, our nightclub days are long behind us, but we’ve both been known to slip into Rockford’s for a late drink once in a blue moon, even in latter years…

Yeah, yeah…very, very occasionally, and usually when we’re in company…sometimes after a night out you need a few golden oldies to finish the night off!

Yeah, golden oldies for golden oldies! Anyways, I’m finished with nightclubs…

NO! Never ever rule it out! There are rumours of an ‘Irish Night Special’ coming up!


It will suit you perfectly…first song on the playlist is The Bards…perfect for you!