Barstool Boyos – 29th of July

‘Ticket for the match? Unlike Garth Brooks, I have friends in high places!’ 


What a wonderful All-Ireland final!


You’re so lucky to have been there!

I guess! Or well connected!

So, how did you get a ticket in the end?

Oh, unlike Garth Brooks, I have friends…in high places!

Huh! Next thing you’ll be telling me Michael D slipped you a ticket!

No, but I do actually know Michael D quite well…have I ever told you?


The main thing is…it was a great game!

Yes…Galway certainly couldn’t have done much more.


Shane Walsh was sensational…it’s hard luck for him, and a few more Galway men, to have ended up on the losing side.

Agreed! But Kerry probably did just enough to edge it, and they had that ace in their pack…David Clifford!

At the end of the day, we were privileged to see those performances from Walsh and Clifford. And good luck to Kerry. Worthy champions…and kudos to Galway. So, how DID you get that ticket?

Eh…like I say…friends in high places!


(They pause so one of them can release another butterfly back to the outside world for fear it might expire indoors)


So, how enjoyable was Sunday?


Did you see that photo of Danny Healy-Rae and Norma Foley embracing before the game?


Huh? Oh right, friends in high places. Are you telling me Danny got you a ticket? I suppose you know him too…

No, I didn’t get the ticket from Danny…


Anyways, it was a great day. But I had business to do as well. I met the Editor. Nothing to worry about now, but we renewed those contract talks…you know, relating to this column.

TYPICAL! Amazing how your talks with the Editor seem to coincide with big events, like an All-Ireland final!


(They pause to let the brief tension ease)


I guess as you were swanning around the city with the Editor you probably didn’t see Pat Spillane’s emotional speech…

Actually, we watched it online when the three of us were having our first pint after the game.

The THREE of you?

Oh…ahem…did I say three?


Okay, so there was someone else with us…mind you, Joe was quite dismissive of Spillane, we could barely hear what the great man was saying in studio.

Dismissive of Pat on his last day as a pundit? Bit rude!  Hey, Joe? Joe who? NOT BROLLY?


Please tell me the three of you didn’t talk about this column?

Only briefly! I mean…I barely know Joe! It’s the Editor who…er…has been chatting to him a lot!

Oh dear, I don’t like it! Did you tell Brolly off for being dismissive of Pat?

I couldn’t really. Not after he got me that prime ticket!