Barstool Boyos – 28th of January

He’s all over the telly today! What a man! What joy he brought!


Wow! He really was amazing!


The big guy! The boss! The main man!

Oh…yeah. Eh, who?

He’s all over the telly today! What joy he brought!

Oh HIM! Yeah, what joy, indeed!

I just saw yet another clip…he’s virtually running down to the mic, that cute grin, ready to captivate us all! Working his magic! The BIG M!

The BIG M! Love it! In fairness, it was Micheál’s day. And you have to say, after a shaky start, the Taoiseach’s done well. Boy did he bring joy today! Totally agree with you…

No, no, NOT THAT er…big M. THE REAL BIG M! I’m talking about Meat Loaf! HE’S been on telly all day, with lots of old footage of him on stage.

Oh, HIM?

Yes, HIM! We lost Meat Loaf today.

I know, I heard…and only aged 74.

What a performer he was! THAT BAT OUT OF HELL ALBUM! Many’s a night I danced to those songs! And you?

I was too young! I was more of a Dead Ringer for Love man myself!

Yeah, right!

Both: Anyway, rest in peace, Meat Loaf. You were great!


Pity you couldn’t make it to the pub last night…

‘Fraid I had other commitments, but we’ll have one this weekend…we need to celebrate! How did it go?

I actually met an old friend…



Who? Give me a clue…

Oh, not that tall, pretty slim, spends a lot of time in the pub normally…


Quite wooden actually…

An old friend?


You’re talking BS…again?

NO! BS! BAR STOOL! THAT’S the old friend I was reacquainted with last night!

(They pause to make up for the fact that there were no pauses in this column last week, just that long anecdote about one of the boyos trying to buy a flat pack item which was on display)


Can’t wait for us to have a beer together…after 8 pm…and with those bar stools back!


Now that restrictions are gone, I’m looking forward to SO MUCH…


Returning to restaurants without having to be conscious of time. No more social distancing. A few pints at the counter…

Chatting with friends again…

Even the pub bore.

Even the pub bore.

Going to a GAA match, without any hassle.

Going to a GAA match, without any ladder.

Still, let’s spare a thought for all who suffered during the pandemic, for all who lost loved ones, for those who are still suffering…and let’s be responsible.

Well said!

And we’ll have that pint back at the counter…how about Saturday night? Have you ‘commitments’…or  can you get to our local?

Oh I’ll be there…LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL!

(Editor: Oh dear…)