Barstool Boyos – 27th of May

A Thursday thriller in Turkey, then Saturday night fever in Castlerea!


That was AMAZING!

The boxing?


Oh, just brilliant!

What a nine-minute spell!


But so, so tiring!


I mean, just…SO draining!

Yeah, well…

And not just physically, mentally too!

I know, I know…

Sweat, stress, nerves…it was beyond energy-sapping!

Don’t worry, Lisa’s been training for these tests…and she’ll have lots of recovery time now.

Lisa? I meant ME! I’m absolutely exhausted – and a nervous wreck – from just watching it!


(They pause to savour the enormity of Lisa O’Rourke’s world title win)  


What a week for County Roscommon.

Yes, our own world champion!

Lisa – like her sister, Aoife – has done us proud!

It’s sensational!

And by the way, they’re continuing quite a tradition of great Castlerea sports stars!

Mickey Freyne…

Ah, now you’re going back to the era of Columbo and Jack Lynch and the showbands and Watergate…and Saturday Night Fever!

Ah, Saturday Night Fever! You really are showing your age!

I was EXTREMELY young!


How Deep Is Your Love…

I’m sorry?

Stayin’ Alive…


If I Can’t Have You…

I beg your pardon…

Oh I’m just thinking back to the memorable hits from Saturday Night Fever…

Oh, okay! Harry Keegan too…

A legend!

Tom Heneghan, Derek Duggan…

So many others as well!

The late, great Dan O’Rourke was great-grandfather of Lisa and Aoife!

Indeed! Now these wonderful young women – who have their own GAA background too – have taken Castlerea’s contribution to sport to a new level!

Aoife an Olympian AND a European Champion…and now Lisa takes World GOLD!


(They pause to reminisce about Saturday Night Fever and Grease, but stop short of rehearsing John Travolta’s dance moves) 

A pint later this week, my friend?

Absolutely! We need to talk about our plans for Salthill!

Can’t wait…come on the Rossies! Can we do it?

YES WE CAN! Mind you, it won’t be easy. Galway are a very good side.

I wonder who Frank Brandon is tipping?

I dunno…or Seamus Duke either! Guess we’ll read all about it later in the week!

Well, here’s hoping for a great Connacht final…and a Roscommon win!

I’ll second that! By the way, speaking of a pint, I thought I’d see you in the local on Saturday night…

Oh, sorry, couldn’t make it! I was tired when I got back from Castlerea.

We’re STILL taking about Castlerea! What was on in Castlerea on Saturday night?

Homecoming celebrations for Lisa! And a delayed reception for Aoife too! There were huge crowds out! I went along!

Was it a good night?


(They spontaneously break into singing ‘Then I get night fever, night fever; We know how to do it…’ Editor rolls eyes; resolves to seriously consider dispensing with Boyos, scrolls on phone for Joe Brolly’s number…)