Barstool Boyos – 27th of April

I got lost in the Bermuda Triangle…sorry, I mean the smoking area! 

Saturday night in the local… it was great! Especially as the hope was still alive! The hope of beating Galway!

It was some night! By the way, why was the pub bore in a strop?

He wanted the TV switched over to the snooker…

Oh, was O’Sullivan playing?

I dunno! I think he just wanted to explain to us how snooker tables are made!

(They pause to ask a bystander on the street exactly how the 2023 All-Ireland football championship round robin will work; the stranger shakes his head, mutters something about ‘seedings’ and goes into George Bannon’s sports shop)

On Saturday night, those two lads from South Roscommon cornered me in the smoking area… and I don’t even smoke!

I wondered why you were missing for half an hour!

Sure it’s like the Bermuda Triangle! You go into that smoking zone with no guarantee of when you’ll return!

What happens in that strange place?

The Bermuda Triangle?

No, the smoking area in our local. I avoid it like I avoid Dancing with the Stars!

Well, I sometimes pop in on my way to or from the gents… it’s quite a zone, sure enough!

I hear the smoking area is where all the craic is!

Yes! In years to come, wedding speeches will begin with the line ‘When I first set eyes on her/him in the smoking area…’

All thanks to Micheál Martin, matchmaker extraordinaire!

Anyways, these two lads from South Roscommon were having a debate about who was the best defender in their lifetime…

Okay! Which legend got the nod? Marc Ó Sé? Lee Keegan? Harry Keegan even?

Nah… it was ‘Best ever club defender in Roscommon’ … and they were both making the case for themselves!

(They pause to consider ringing Willie Hegarty to ask for a rundown on how the championship is structured from now on)

We eventually got talking about Roscommon v Galway on Saturday night… when there was still hope in our hearts!

Then on Sunday, an enjoyable day at the Hyde! Galway deserved their win, but our lads really put it up to them in the second half!

Agreed! Connacht may be gone, but we’re still very much in the championship!

Absolutely! Not that we’re entirely au fait with the format just yet!

Ah well, we are really! I mean, we know there’ll be a draw, and seedings, and groups… so much to look forward to!

Yes, I just hope our group isn’t like the Bermuda Triangle…


I hope we can escape from it!