Barstool Boyos – 27th November

Goal-Den weekend lifts all spirits…


That weekend of GAA drama put me in great humour!

Me too!

Tipperary? Wow!

Wow back!

Cavan? Double wow!

Double wow back!

Great TV!

Amazing! Couldn’t take my eyes off the telly all evening!

Yeah, the only thing that spoilt Sunday evening’s TV for me was those two jokers making smart comments and being sarcastic!


Trying to be funny…but they’re not! Just coming out with silly stuff…and the presenter’s not much better!

Ah come on, Sean Cavanagh tries his best, and you can’t criticise The Gooch. And sure Des Cahill is a national treasure, great dancer too…


Those jokers and the presenter who spoilt your Sunday night…

No, not them! I’m talking about Zig and Zag and Ray!

Oh, them!


(They pause to practise pronouncing NPHET…)


It’ll soon be time to sort the turkey out…

Agreed! I’m not fond of Dustin either!

No, not THAT turkey…the Christmas Dinner! Four weeks from this Friday!

Oh I haven’t even thought about it. It will be strange this year.

A lot depends on today and tomorrow.

Big decisions…

Yes! Dr. Tony today and Micheal & Leo tomorrow.

Here’s hoping we can get the balance right, stay safe, and enjoy a peaceful Christmas…



(They pause to allow the Editor time to continue their column)


Still, the ould telly is handy at this time of year, especially as our local is still off limits!

Ah yeah, sure it passes the time…

I’ve been watching those two jokers a lot…

Micheal and Leo? Paschal and Michael?


George Lee and…


Miriam and David…

NO! The two funny chaps who keep hopping around making wisecracks and pulling faces and being mean…

You’re on about Zig and Zag again…

NO! Not them! THESE guys are running around in a castle, it’s mayhem!

Oh yes, I’ve heard about The Crown! Is it good? Is it Charles and Camilla?

No, I’m talking about Ant & Dec!

Oh sorry! Yeah, I’m A Celebrity. It’s good fun…

I can’t believe some of the stuff those contestants have to do!



Great TV!



(They pause, because sometimes it’s nice to pause)


You know they keep getting mixed up, even still…

Micheal and Leo? I know, everyone thinks Leo is still Taoiseach!

No, not them! The pair of clowns! I never know which is which!

Zig and Zag?

No! Ant & Dec!

Oh yeah, they’re famous for that. That’s part of their appeal as individuals, what makes them distinctive, unique…


Eh…the fact that people don’t know which is which…eh…makes them unique as individuals…

You do know they’re half-Irish?

Zig and Zag?

No! Ant & Dec!

Oh. Anyways, moving on, this week’s heroes are the Cavan and Tipperary footballers.

Totally agree…

Fascinating semi-finals coming up…


I just hope Cavan get to play the Dubs at a neutral venue…

No chance!

But it would be a nice gesture…

Yeah, it would give Cavan a better chance…level playing field and all that.

Yeah, thing about those all-conquering Dubs in Croker is…THEY’RE CELEBRITIES! GET THEM OUT OF THERE!