Barstool Boyos – 24th of March

What a famous weekend win…suitably marked by a jig of joy!

What an evening!


A magical win!


You do know I predicted it?

Fair enough!

When that last flowing move sealed it, I just pumped my fist in the air!

I get it, I get it! And later, that dance, wow! It was just so spontaneous, so emotional, so beautiful!

Agreed! Quite a dance, for sure!

A bit of a jig!

Well, if you say so…

It’s not like Johnny Sexton to show such emotion!


The way he danced – that little jig – after the late conversation that put the game well beyond England.


Magical, as you said yourself! COME ON IRELAND!

Eh, the dance I was on about was the one by Carl and Emily. That’s the magical win I was referring to.

Carl and Emily?

They won Dancing with the Stars on Sunday night.

And THAT was your weekend highlight?

Well, it was my SUNDAY highlight. Ireland’s Grand Slam win on Saturday was OBVIOUSLY the weekend highlight…

I’m glad we got that sorted out!


(They pause to read reaction across Six Nations-land to Ireland’s great Grand Slam success)


I can’t believe he’s gone…after all the glory years.

I know, I know…

He was such a national treasure. So tall, so fit, so graceful…

Eh, yeah, I guess. But you know, he’s not fully gone…it’s just the end of a chapter.

I know, I know. Still, it’s sad…

That’s life. We will have great memories of him in his pomp.

He was just so on top of his game every single weekend. The way he could orchestrate everything…according to the mood, the challenges. I mean, his versatility was remarkable. What a superstar.

Totally agree…

And now he’s hanging up his boots…

Gosh, this is really affecting you, isn’t it? Look, we knew Sexton couldn’t play in the Six Nations forever, and there’s still the World Cup…


Sexton retiring, we knew…

No, I was talking about Ryan Tubridy!


(They pause to reminisce about Ryan Tubridy’s greatest ever interviews)


Well my friend, Roscommon played some good stuff in Kerry, and ran the All-Ireland champions to three points.

Yes, and here’s to a big performance against Donegal this Sunday!

In the meantime, I wonder what he’ll do next year?

Who? Ryan Tubridy?

No! Johnny Sexton!

I’m not sure, but I think after his little jig last Saturday, he might be favourite to win Dancing with the Stars!