Barstool Boyos – 24th of February

A Cliff Richard fan from Armagh… and keeping Marty Morrissey company! 

Such a shame we weren’t together at the Hyde on Sunday!

I know! Sorry I was late getting to the game…

What a win!


I was in the main stand…sitting right behind a very big, burly Armagh man – he got very animated with the referee a few times – and a very small old Armagh lady.

You were hardly intimidated?

No, she was lovely…

I meant by the burly man who was giving out to the ref…

Oh he was grand too. The Armagh supporters couldn’t have been sounder! The big, burly man was the old lady’s son…and she was his mother.

Makes sense, that second bit…

They produced sandwiches at half-time, and the big, burly man told me of his devotion to Daniel O’Donnell and Cliff Richard…


Ham, actually. Yes, they were definitely ham sandwiches.

I meant…oh forget it.

Anyways, we had a wonderful chat at half-time. I told them quite a lot about my life. I kept talking until the old lady seemed to nod off for a quick sleep, which was unfortunate, as I was just beginning to tell her about my upcoming political career.


(They pause to make arrangements for this weekend’s trip to Clones)


So, once you eventually arrived, where did YOU position yourself in the Hyde?

Eh….I was in the main stand too, but several rows away from you.

You never got in touch! You could have…called!

I didn’t want to be one of those people shouting into a mobile ‘And where are you? I’m just under the advertising hoarding across from the centre spot…’

Mmnn…still, strange for you not to join me!

Well, I got talking to people too! These GAA games are social outings!

Indeed! Speaking of talking to people, I had great fun with Marty!


Marty Morrissey! I walked the whole way in with Marty…from the Athlone Road entrance all the way over to the press box, into the canteen, up to the dressing rooms, over to his camera crew, then back to the media centre…

I’d say Marty really enjoyed that…

He seemed to! I gave him my predictions for this season’s championship…

The overall winners?

No, the outcome of every game! And a quick rundown on Dancing with the Stars!

Oh dear…

So, I had a great day! Who did you get talking to?

Oh, just a big, burly Armagh man and his mother…they’d moved a few rows at half-time…the nice lady muttered something about needing some peace and quiet!