Barstool Boyos – 24 July


Your man that Christy Moore sang about…I wonder how he is?!


I’d say he’s going CRAZY!

Christy Moore doesn’t really do crazy. He’s a cool guy…

NOT CHRISTY! The fellow he sang about! I’d say HE’S going crazy!


That song! “As I sat lookin’ up (at) the Guinness ad I could never figure out…how your man stayed up on the surfboard after fourteen pints of stout…” Sure that fella must be going mad for a pint! 

Oh…him! You’re still on about a pint…sure didn’t we have a can or four over ZOOM a few times…

I want a PINT! A pint of Guinness! In a pub!

Okay, okay, calm down! But yeah, I know what you mean. It’s a long time since we were in the pub. Who’d have believed it…very frustrating. But sure what can we do?


Dunno. I’m all for peaceful protest and so on, but I don’t know if the public would have the appetite for a march over the pubs being closed.

I’m not talking about a protest march, I mean we haven’t had a pint in a pub since MARCH! And we’re meant to be the barstool boyos!

I told you before…there probably won’t be any barstools!

You’re serious?

I AM SERIOUS! It could be you sitting at a table, with me a metre or two away!

But I wouldn’t be able to nudge you with my leg when The Man Who Knows Everything Comes In.

Ah, he used to see that going on…he knew well. Sure he knows everything…

Sad times.

There are more important things.


Than a pint in the local.

Oh I know that, but we shouldn’t underestimate it! Pubs are important. Ireland was changing even before the pandemic, but we don’t have to buy into all of that. We’re old school…


I mean, the pub culture SHOULDN’T be changing! We should be slow to forget the role of pubs in our society. They are part of our history, our culture…

True! In the pubs, we socialise, we have a good time…and in tourism hot-spots, our pubs are revered by tourists! In pubs, we show the best of our Irishness, we engage!

Except with The Man Who Knows Everything…

Ah, I told you before, the lockdown has made me look at life differently. The Man Who Knows Everything is a decent man. The pub is an occasional outlet for him. It’s another reason why the rural pub is so important…for men like him, men who might be lonely…

True enough.

I feel sorry for the publicans too…it’s tough on them.

Well, hopefully they can reopen soon…and then it will be up to everyone in society to act responsibly!


(They wave to a passing motorist)


Still, it’s great to see the GAA returning! And other sports!


Happy days for referees, and managers!


Win-win! Back in action, but with no ‘experts’ rubbishing them on barstools after the game!

For now!

Anyways, I wonder what became of that other fella. Not the fella on the surfboard in that old ad…


The fella that used to do that mad dancing…

Michael Flatley?


Oh, I have it!

Yeah…the OTHER Guinness ad from long ago. That wiry fella that used to do all those funny dances around a giant pint…

Oh HIM? I thought you meant Des Cahill…